Jibreel Haseeb is a 2nd generation entrepreneur, who brings 10 years of overall experience within the All Natural Hair and Beauty Care industry.  Jibreel got his start working in the warehouse of his family’s All Natural Hair and Beauty Products Business called Jinsa Essentials.  He was initially responsible for the manufacturing and distribution of products for Jinsa Essentials.  He learned the ins and outs of product, packaging and distribution for the organization during his early years working within the organization.

In the fall of 2013 Jibreel opened the first retail location dedicated to selling Jinsa Essentials Products.  Jibreel has successfully expanded the brand and customer base in North Carolina & in other parts of the East Coast.  Jibreel is an expert in educating customers on the benefits and uses of the Jinsa Essentials All Natural Hair and Beauty Care Products.  He has a reputation of providing excellent customer service, making long lasting relationships.  Jibreel has vast industry product knowledge, which has helped hundreds of customers connect to the right product to serve their hair and beauty needs.

Please introduce yourself to our reading audience.

My name is Jibreel Haseeb, Executive Brand Director of Jinsa Essentials

Why did you decide to go in to business?

I decided to go into business because I always wanted to be a entrepreneur, and also to provide marketing for a amazing product my family created.

There are so many hair products out there for consumers to choose from. Why should people consider using yours?

People should consider using Jinsa Essentials because are a truly interchangeable product. You can use everything we manufacture for your hair and your body and unlike a lot of other natural companies, are essential oil scents will last all day long and will help out with dry and sensitive skin, and all the products are great for all hair types and skin types!!

What’s next for your brand?

We  have some new products coming out add to our extensive 100% Natural product line during this first quarter.

What motto do you absolutely live by in both life and business.

The motto I live by is ‘Never worry about things you can not control.’

What is your favorite quote?

Luck is the result of preparation meeting opportunity

How can people stay connected with you?

People can find more about Jinsa Essentials on Instagram or my website.



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