When you have Birdman and Slim backing you, there’s no doubt you’re up next. Insert Onsight Deeda, the newest artist to sign to the legendary Cash Money Records.

Real name Darron Carter hails from Abbeville, Louisiana, boasting a real rags to riches story that naturally inspires. Just a few years back, Onsight Deeda spent two years in jail after getting arrested as a member of the Gremlins gang. The video of the press conference held by Captain Clay Higgins of St. Landry Parish went completely viral, even catching the attention of podcasts such as Joe Rogan and ABC News.

The name Onsight derives from his spontaneity, which is exactly how his rap career came into fruition. Growing up to Lil Wayne, citing the Carter II as his favorite album, Onsight Deeda was always surrounded by family and friends who made music. At age 16, he jokingly made his first song… and it’s been up ever since. 

Now, Onsight Deeda fans are in luck as he readies his two next singles, “Don Doda” and “Hit They Block.”

Sheen spoke with Onsight Deeda to discuss his sound, “Letter To my Mummy,” his favorite tattoo, fatherhood, and more!

For those who don’t know, how would you describe Onsight Deeda?

Onsight Deeda is very outgoing, spontaneous, down-to-earth. Just rolling with the vibes for real, positive energy.

How would you describe your sound?

If you’re looking to ride around with your friends and really turn the energy up, have a good time, play my music. It’s gonna take you there, fasho.

You released “Letter to Mummy.” What were you going through recording this one?

That’s my little brother. I got him tatted on my face matter of fact, that’s my little bro. He committed suicide a couple years ago. Me really making that song right there, I literally cried writing the song. It was a point? of me, I was going through a lot of me just venting forreal. I really went to the studio and vented, that record meant a lot to me forreal. 

I’m so sorry. What was he going through?

A lot. I’ve come to realize: as far as suicide, that’s not common. We really overlook that. Before he died, he even told me “man I’m ready to kill myself.” I just laughed it off, like “let’s not play about each other.” Type stuff like that. It made me realize man, depression is real. As far as you being depressed and you’re mixing alcohol with it, all that stuff will add it up. It’s really a lot. You can never see what the next man’s really going through, because I never really took the time to sit down and listen forreal. I always ____?, that’s something that I regret.

Did that turn you up, in terms of taking your rap seriously?

Yeah. I know one thing he always told me was “man, Deeda’s gonna be the one to take us out the hood.” After he died, I just be trying to make it my real priority in life to _____?. I’m really tryna put on for his name forreal, that’s what I’m on.

I know you’re all tatted, you got a favorite tattoo?

The owl on my neck. OSR?, that’s my brand. Shit, all over. We owls forreal. A lot of people get it misconstrued. A lot of people got a crazy perception of owls. When I did my research on it, for the most part it represented wisdom. I’m in tune to a lot of things, I’ve been through a lot. I got a couple grey hairs on my head, I got wisdom forreal. Just my experiences in life, I took it and ran with it.

3 things you need in the studio at all times?

One, I need my producer. I need Sinista on the Track. Two, I need my patnas because they gon’ for sure buck me up and get me all the good vibes I need. Three, I gotta have some coffee. Because we damn near gonna be in the studio from 11 in the morning to 12 at nighttime. That’s a 12-hour shift, so I’ma need me a cup of coffee.

You don’t smoke or drink?

I smoke cigarettes, but I don’t really drink. I’ll probably take a shot every now and then, but I’m not a big drinker forreal.

Can you talk about your connection to New Orleans?

Aw man, the city. The city messes with me. I ain’t got no specific, just one little hood, nah. I got a lotta partnas from out there, different sections different hoods. My whole family from out there. Every time I came out here, I live with my grandma. I got love inNew Orleans. Every time I go out, there’s never no bad vibes or nothing. It’s straight love.

How’d you get that love?

Besides having my family out here forreal, just from me being in prison. When you go to jail, it’s the whole state of Louisiana together. You’ll be surprised at how many people you gon’ meet and when you come home, you gon’ see the same people. That’s why I’ve met a lot of my close friends from New Orleans in jail. He’s my best friend, still to this day. When I go to Miami, these the people coming with me. People I’ve been in jail with, they just rolling with me. Really me being the person I am, handling myself as a man, people respect me for that. It just followed me back to the streets.

Are they your biggest fans? Your homies?

My boy fasho my biggest fan. He fasho my biggest supporter. If I do music and I don’t like it, I’m ready to throw it all away, they ready to fight me. “Man you trippin’.” They fasho my biggest supporters.

How many kids do you have?

I got two kids, my son in here right now. I had to hand him to my pops, he cutting up at this point. My son’s two months. My little girl four, she’s about to be five.

How’s fatherhood?

Man I ain’t gon’ lie, I love it forreal. I still be gone a lot too, so I try to spend as much time with them as I could. Last time I was in the studio, I’m in the booth. I got my little boy on one hand, I’m trying to rap. I’m trying to open a bag of chips for my daughter with the other hand, but I’ma try my best to make it work. My daughter, she’ll help me out with my son too. She be thinking she the mama or something.

Do they motivate you even more?

Fasho. I be thinking about it like, I don’t want my children to have to go through half the stuff I went through forreal. I’m grinding for them. It won’t ever be an “if,” because I’ma make it to that where they aint gonna want for nothing or hurt for nothing. That’s really who I’m doing it for.

Best encounter with a fan?

It be so much. I wouldn’t even call this fan, more so a supporter. There’s one dude, shout out my barber Foreplay?. He just started cutting my hair. I be going to the barbershop and this dude never talks to nobody. Out the blue, this man took some clippers out his bag and walked up to me like “hey, sign my clippers bro.” This was more special to me because I never seen the dude talk to nobody, ever. I signed his clippers and that amazed me. 

When you’re not doing music, what do you like to do for fun?

If I’m not in the studio, I’m chillin’ with my boys. We posted in the neighborhood, party. Playing cards, we’ll play Spades or Cut Throat Blackjack. We like to chill forreal.

Any goals for yourself?

At this point, one main goal I’ve been telling myself, me and my producer were talking about it as far as me trying to get back on track. In the next two months, I’m trying to have at least another 100 songs done. That’s my goal. I’m not really over exaggerating because I know I can do it. I did 400 songs in a month and a half damn near, so I’m just trying to push myself to the best of my ability.

Anything else you want to let the people know?

Cash Money, we standing on business and we taking over. Our foot on the gas and we ain’t letting up! Tune into me.