Washington D.C. native, Michael Watson grew up in a very nurturing home as a child. After his mother’s passing, Michael was adopted by his aunt and cousin. Today, he stresses that family is everything. With his instilled family values, he believed that he could truly find his soulmate through the Married at First Sight process. We caught up with Michael to discuss what gave him the courage to sign up and his experience in this journey.

You are open about how you believe you struggled to find healthy relationships in the past. How would you say your life experiences prepared you for this journey?

Life is a journey and every relationship I’ve been in served as a lesson and opportunity to learn and grow as a man and prepare me to be a husband and a father. I’m grateful for every experience I’ve had; good and bad.

Michael, what allowed you to work up the courage to sign up for this experience? 

(A) I was initially recruited and was definitely hesitant at the beginning given that I didn’t anything about the show. I think what made me warm up to the idea of it was the three experts, and the willingness to step out of my comfort zone and let someone else take the lead on my dating life. I haven’t had much luck on my own so why not accept the help of experts who have devoted their lives to love and relationships.

Can you tell us what this experience has taught you in life? 

The experience reiterated the things that are important to me:

  1. Communication is the foundation for any good relationship
  2. All bonds are built on trust without it you have nothing
  3. I am enough. Who I am is enough, What I do is enough and what I have is enough

photo by Daniel Dorsa

Be sure to tune into Married at First Sight airs at 8 PM EST on Lifetime.


Featured Image by Dagment Photography