We know that the future is female and May is National Women’s Health Month.  Wellness Facilitator, Sherrell Moore-Tucker, is the owner behind the MindBody Faith brand.  She’s using Women’s Health Month to shed more light on bridging the gap between science and faith using holistic tools.  Moore-Tucker strives to educate and empower everyone to deepen their relationship with God using meditative practices for health and wellness.

Sherrell was fortunate enough to have both parents in the healthcare industry.  Growing up she always knew that she wanted to serve and teach others.  Moore-Tucker commemorates her mother as her motivation for health and wellness.  Sherrell reported that years ago her mother struggled with high blood pressure and cholesterol.  However, her mother’s lifestyle modifications reversed the poor diagnosis for the better.  With the use of exercise and diet, her mother was able to improve her overall health.

photo by Eric Jemal Sharpe

In the spirit of Women’s Health Month, Sherrell Moore-Tucker wants women everywhere to note some key points to their overall health.  Moore-Tucker gives us 5 key factors to managing your health and wellness:

  1. Education.  Knowledge is power.  Research, asking questions and more can all aid in knowing better practices.
  2. Over-Committing.  It’s ok to say NO.  Overextending yourself can lead to poor health decisions.
  3. Failing to Ask for Help.  There’s no “I” in team so asking for help is always a more positive approach.. 
  4. Failure to Prioritize Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Health.  Self-care is an important standard of health that cannot be ignored.  
  5. Trauma.  Our past and current experiences shape us.  Recognizing trauma can assist in leading a more positive future.

We also know that stress can lead to many health concerns for women.  No fear.  Sherrell Moore-Tucker has some additional factors to aid in managing stress levels.  They include:

  • Breathing Exercises;


  • Meditation;


  • Yoga;
  • Journaling; and
  • Walking Meditation


Despite social distancing, you can follow Moore-Tucker on her new YouTube channel for daily affirmations, meditations, and guided content.  She also hosts a Facebook group known as Sisters Who Meditate. For more information, click here or contact her at:




Featured Image by Titus Thomas