With the FDA now proposing a ban on hair-straightening chemicals due to their link to cancer, Autumn Yarbrough and her brand, NU Standard, is closing the gap by creating innovative and healthy alternative products for those with textured hair.

As a result of not wanting to go bald like three generations of women before her, Yarbrough created NU Standard, a company to ensure no woman ever does.  NU Standard is a revolutionary company with a hair wellness approach toward textured hair based on the generations of women before her and her own experiences. Not only that, NU Standard’s products aren’t just for Black women because it’s a Black-owned company; NU Standard’s products are designed to help ALL women with textured hair.

NU Standard was developed as an innovative haircare product that included textured hair at the inception of research and development, with strategic partnerships cultivated with industry innovators, formulators, and professional stylists worldwide to develop safe and advanced products for retail and professional use.  The brand’s HYDRASILK line is a shining example of their innovation.

HYDRASILK® is NU Standard’s pro-only, in-salon two-step Hydrating Bond System that improves the hair bond structure by repairing fragile disulfide bonds to reinforce cuticle strength and infusing hydrators back into the hair.  This product is perfect for textured and chemically treated hair, damaged and/or fragile hair, silk press, round brush, blow-out clients, and clients seeking length, retention, and thickness.

Additionally, NU Standard made history in January 2023 by launching the HYDRASILK Hydrating Bond System at Cosmo Prof stores nationwide.  As the leading distributor of salon products to licensed professionals in the hair industry, Cosmo Prof’s partnership marks the first-ever distribution of a bond system curated by a Black woman and tailored specifically for textured hair.

While Autumn is blessed with coming from a family embedded in the Black haircare industry, with her grandfather being Comer Cottrell Jr, the founder and creator of the Curly Kit, which brought the Jheri curl hairstyle to the masses, she wanted to create something different  –  a haircare company that focused on hair health and not solely products for achieving a style.

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About NU Standard®

NU Standard® is a state-of-the-art haircare brand curated for the “busy queen” on-the-go. A third-generation hair care entrepreneur, Autumn Brown Yarbrough founded NU Standard in 2020 to create innovative haircare solutions for people with textured hair of all ethnicities. NU Standard’s advanced science-based products focus on hair wellness and treat hair from the inside out to combat the harmful daily stressors that cause dryness, breakage, frizz, and hair loss.



  • A 2-step Hydrating Bond System that improves the hair bond structure by repairing fragile disulfide bonds to reinforce cuticle strength and infuse hydrators back into the hair

  • The ultimate choice for in-salon hydrating reconstructive service

  • Protects the natural state of the hair structure to allow safer heat styling on textured hair


  • Textured and chemically treated hair

  • Damaged and/or fragile hair

  • Silk Press, Round Brush, and Blow Out clients

  • Clients seeking length, retention, and thickness


  • No one should have to choose between healthy hair and a vibrant style. HYDRASILK® makes it possible for you to have your cake and eat it too, because you deserve it all.


  • After regular HYDRASILK® Hydrating Bond System reconstructive treatments from your hairstylist, you will notice your daily maintenance routine requires fewer products and time. For maximum results, services 1x a month by your professional stylist.


  • BEFORE USE: HYDRASILK® is formulated to protect hair from extreme physical stress that distresses hair bonds.

  • RECONSTRUCTION: HYDRASILK® is repairing and preventing damage of broken disulfide bonds in the hair.  Making hair multiple times stronger than before.

  • AFTER USE: HYDRASILK® makes the hair stronger, healthier and silkier.  Hair shedding and breakage decreases significantly.


Photo Credits: Courtesy of Autumn Yarbrough