It is so important that during this time, you are feeding your mind with good information. Last year, I met the phenomenal, no fluff, entrepreneur, wife, mother and one of my favorite women to follow on social media, the one and only Britney Jeanine.

To the world Britney is also a Creative Brand Consultant who is known for creating your “Plan Based” business.  She is the guru for helping others escape years of trial & error, craft a plan and level up.  I wanted to share Britney’s 5Ps for you to remember: Pivot, Plan, Package, Position and Push.

Pivot: Understand that adaptability and flexibility are key right now. How do you pivot to still meet your people where they are and solve their problems?

Plan: Once you’ve come to grips with the fact that things will look a little different how can you plan your way through it? Now is not the time to “wing it”! Plan your next quarter and the quarter after that! If you fail to plan you plan to _______.

Package: Your offers may look a tad different. Conferences are now turning virtual, money might be a little funny…how can you still package your gift/skills to serve your people during this time? What can still work?

Position: Listen. You are still the expert…and the people still want to know! Time to boss up, position yourself and show up! Now is not the time to deflate and tap out.

Push: Go hard and go consistent! You’ve got the juice…so serve it up!

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Featured Image by Pierre Lamon