Models, actresses, and founders of the non-profit organization, Our Giving Group, Inc., we can’t think of anything young stars Madeleine and Beverly Claire can’t do. We caught up with the stunning twins we’ve seen up and down our timeline to discuss their passion for modeling, their goals, and much more!

Tell us what inspired you two to become models?

Beverly Claire : Well, I like beauty and fashion. We want the world to know us so every girl can think they can be beautiful.  My mom says that we are smart, beautiful, kind and strong.  Modeling helps us feel good about ourselves and we want other girls to know they can do anything.

Madeleine: My mom and dad helped me feel stronger after being bullied. But even to this day, I’m still embarrassed a little about my lips and modeling helps me more confident and feel good about my lips.  The more we model, the more I can see the beauty in my lips.  I’m glad my mom thought of this because we have been invited to speak to other kids about things that are important.

What is it like juggling a full schedule of academics and extracurricular activates on top of modeling

Madeleine: Wow! It can be hard sometimes.  I got a bad grade on a math test one time because I was on set all evening and forgot to study.  Our parents stay on us with schedules and we have an agenda that our teacher gave us that helps to see what is coming for the week.  Doing everything for school can be had, but we know lots of kids who have other stuff they do, so we just say we are like them.

Beverly Claire: Our mom talks to our teachers a lot. I know she tries to tell them in advance if we have to miss school.  She works hard to make sure we have all of our make up work done.  We used to be homeschooled until we started 4th grade, we are in 5th grade now.  If we ever have to go back to being homeschooled, we know what to expect!

photo by Belle Rouge Photography

Tell us how you plan to use modeling to pursue your passions for philanthropy and acting?

Beverly Claire: Well, modeling helps us get to talk to people about stuff that is important to us. Like this interview, you have a lot of people who will read it and then they will know about Our Giving Group, Inc. That’s our nonprofit group that helps homeless kids.  They can learn about what we have been up to and maybe even help us.  Modeling also gives us confidence when we are auditioning for acting roles.  We know we are new but we have been working hard since last year to grow. The more people who follow us and support us, the more we know we are getting to talk to a lot more people.  So follow us (laughing)!

Madeleine: at first, I was scared a little of modeling, I think I was nervous about my lips. But everyone keeps telling me how beautiful they are, and now, I’m getting more proud of them.  That helps me with my acting, my acting coach was very proud of me because I was able to cry on demand for a scene we were working on, she said that’s rare for kids.  I know I was able to do it because I believed I could.  Modeling is helping me with that.  I’m also so happy to get to be invited to things to help people when we represent Our Giving Group.  We just started this fall but we have made donations and attended events to help people know about how to help homeless kids.  No kid should be homeless.  Our mom has done a great job on our websites and other stuff, I think that is helping too. 

Where do you guys hope to see yourself in the years to come?

Madeleine: Hmmmm, I have a lot of things I want to do. I love to draw, so I know I want to be an animator.  I love anime, so most of my characters look sorta like anime girls (chuckling)!  I also love to act, so I think I want to be an actress when I’m an adult.  Also maybe a gamer!  And I can’t forget the second nonprofit I want to start to help homeless animals on the street. 

Beverly Claire : I want to be a model and a detective. I am always the one to solve the mysteries at home. My mom always loses her phone and her glasses and she says I’m the best at finding her lost stuff.  Also, we watch detective shows together and I ask her a lot of questions – she always has to pause the show to answer me!  I also love fashion and I love taking pictures, so modeling works for me to! 

photo by Laura Stone Photo

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Featured Image by Derek Blanks