Recently SHEEN caught up with business mogul and mommy, Sky Blu. We got a chance to sit down and talk about it all! Life, entrepreneurship, being a mom, and just what happens when you intertwine them all. Sky shares a few of her favorite things and insight on just what it takes to jump into the entertainment industry.

SHEEN: First and foremost, what made you choose to go by “Sky Blu” ?

Sky Blu: I get asked that question a lot! The name comes from when I was a professional dancer. One day while I was on tour with blues singer Bobby Rush, one of the dancers said, “Why don’t we all come up with stage names like everyone else does?” They suggested that I call myself Caramel because of my complexion, and I said, “No way!” Your name is supposed to have a meaning and a purpose. You are who your name is. 

Back then, my dance moves were so magical, charismatic and like no other. The way I moved was so effortlessly, almost like I was flying in the sky. I know it sounds a bit weird but when I dance, I feel so alive, so free spirited and so happy. Fans would actually try to jump on stage and grab me or try to dance with me. None of the other dancers had that effect but me, so I called myself, Sky Blu. It was original, different, and that name fit exactly who I am: a star in the blue skies.

SHEEN:  Besides Bobby Rush, who are some other artists you’ve performed with?

Sky Blu: Mystikal, Little Richard, I was opening act for B2K, Mya, Case, Tyrese, Earth, Wind & Fire, Charlie Wilson, and many more. 

SHEEN:  Besides dancing on stage, you’ve also worked with some of the biggest names in television and film. Since getting your start in 2010, you’ve been featured on Tyler Perry’s “Meet The Browns,” “Single Ladies” with lead actresses Lisa Raye and Stacey Dash, “Fast & Furious 5,” and many more. How did you get into the film and TV industry? 

Sky Blu: It’s funny how I actually got into the film and TV industry. There were hundreds or maybe thousands of people waiting in line to audition for “Single Ladies” TV series. God sent an angel who saw me walking towards the line in the Gwinnett Place Mall for the audition. It was one of the casting directors who saw me and asked if I was there for the casting. I told her that I was, and she grabbed my hand and said, “Follow me; you are just what we are looking for.”

You see how God works? I didn’t even have to stand in a long line or wait hours like others did. God showed favor that day and sent me directly to the right people.

SHEEN:  And I understand that you have shared your blessings with others to get acting roles.

Sky Blu: Being on all these shows also allowed me the opportunity to build a great relationship with the casting directors and producers, and I was able to book various talents from my talent agency on these shows as well. That was a huge blessing because I was able to open the doors for so many of my talents and clients. 

SHEEN:  Are there any upcoming roles that we can look forward to seeing you in?

Sky Blu: Of course, I can’t publicly announce what new shows I will be featured on next. Just get your popcorn ready and stay tuned! 

SHEEN: You’ve also passed your talents and good looks on to your daughter Skylar Marie Coffee. Tell us a little bit about her. 

Sky Blu: She’s also an artist and actress just like her mommy. I’ve always wanted her to follow in my footsteps, so when I moved to Atlanta from Jackson, Miss. and got myself established, I put her in artist development and vocal training with Michi Robinson when she was eight years old. Unfortunately, he passed away several years ago. He was my best friend and artist development coach at JPat Studios, which was owned and operated by Jonnetta Patton, the mother of R&B singer, Usher. 

SHEEN:  It’s hard to believe that you have a teenage daughter. You and Skylar look more like sisters than mother and daughter. How did you capitalize off your similarities?

Sky Blu: People used to ask all the time if we were sisters, so I thought why not take advantage of the mom-and-daughter duo and start creating TikTok videos. After we posted our video, it went viral with more than 600,000 views because we looked almost identical. People thought that we were twin sisters and couldn’t tell us apart. We started getting attention from major television networks, brand deals, interview requests, collaborations with other influencers and celebrities like rapper, NLE Choppa. It was amazing and exciting to think we could actually blow up off of one viral TikTok video.  

SHEEN:  What was something challenging you had to face but overcome?

Sky Blu:  One of the most challenging situations I’ve ever had to face was moving to an unfamiliar place, which was Atlanta, without my family and no kind of support. After going through a horrible divorce with Skylar’s dad, I honestly left everything behind: my family, my businesses and absolutely everything. However, I met some great people which led me to receive an opportunity to audition for a girl group back in 2008 for Jonnetta Patton, and I made the group.

SHEEN: Evidently, the group didn’t last. What was your next move?

Sky Blu:  AJ Alexander, then-VP of Jpat Management who put the group together, took me under his wing as a solo artist. Everything was initially great but eventually, I got older and discouraged because I didn’t make it to the level of success as I thought I would in music and started rethinking that I should have just stuck to dancing professionally. I honestly believed he could turn me into a super star like he did Usher, but everything ain’t meant for everybody and I found that out the hard way. I ended up quitting music and found myself losing my home, my car and everything. I was broken and had to start over completely. But with strong prayer and my faith in God, I eventually overcame that challenge and moved forward with my life. 

SHEEN:  We’ve seen some of your favorite skin care products and routines, what are 4 of your favorite beauty must haves?

Sky Blu:  I’m glad you asked because I love maintaining my image. That’s like an obsession of mines, to be honest. I’m a business woman, but I’m also a beauty influencer. I’m a lot older than I look and that’s because I drink my water and workout daily. I’ve also been getting glycolic facial peels since I was 18 years old with my esthetician, whose name is Jane Wasser, in Jackson, Miss. I’m also not shy to admit that I do get Botox injections along with lip fillers with Jennifer Liechty here in Atlanta. Let’s just say they both have the magic touch! I faithfully use Underneath the Skincare product line by Ti Taylor. I’m also a brand ambassador for this line. Her products are so amazing! These are all my beauty tips and fountain of youth secrets. 

SHEEN: When it comes to being in the industry and dating, what is some advice you can give based off things you’ve learned?

Sky Blu:  Based off my experiences, a real man loves a woman that doesn’t reveal too much skin. They like smart, classy and sophisticated women. I learned that when a woman wears revealing clothing, that’s not the woman they want to wife. That’s the one they want to sex and keep it moving. I don’t feel a man should judge based on what you wear but truthfully, they do. 

SHEEN: In your opinion, what are some things a woman should do to get and keep a man interested? 

Sky Blu: Me personally, I will always be supportive of my soulmate and the man God designs for me. I believe in building with my man and doing everything in my power to make his life easy and peaceful. When you find someone you’re into, someone you really and truly want to be with, you will compromise and make sacrifices. You will also make the time and effort to go above and beyond to be with this person. 

SHEEN: When you’re on the red carpet attending events, you’re always so fashionable. What is a comfortable look for you when you’re not in the spotlight? 

Sky Blu:  Why thank you! I always try to stay on top of my game when it comes to fashion and style. Honestly, when I’m not in the spotlight, I wear sweats and legging outfits everyday with my sneakers. Most people don’t know that I didn’t grow up a girly girl. I actually grew up as a Tomboy, so I love my sneakers, sweats and jeans. I actually love dressing down and being plain and comfortable.

SHEEN: What can we expect from you in the near future?

Sky Blu: You can expect to see more TV appearances, more business ventures that’s currently in the works, and last but certainly not least, a soon-to-be billionaire! 

SHEEN: How can our readers get in touch with you?

Sky Blu: Make sure you stay tuned by following me on TikTok and Instagram at @skyblu101 and my new Twitter account @skyblu117.   

SHEEN: Any parting words?

Sky Blu: Thank you Sheen Magazine, for having me on your platform. One thing I want your platform and my fanbase to know is that I’ve always manifested greatness in my life and watched my dreams become a reality. That’s the power and favor of God, prayer, and daily devotions. Always keep God first first and you will never be last. 

Photo Credits: Lorenzo Smith/ Instagram: @lsfotography