Sis! I know you’ve seen that meme. “Hey Queen….Hey King!” So many of these meme scenarios fit into our everyday lives. From that situationship to that one night stand. No judging over here! The shoe definitely fits for most when we see this meme.

But how can we truly gain that true King and Queen fellowship? If you haven’t learned from your past hurts then you’re still growing. If you have learned a thing or two, then your relationship happiness is on the horizon.

When struggling to see through all of the “hey big head” texts and stood up dates, think of these key points:

  1. Remember who TF you are!  Go ahead and cry, it’s cool; but remember that you’re bigger than any situation. No ghosting, failed date or more can ever take away your power, vision, dreams and goals. You are somebody’s favorite: YOURSELF.
  2. Be Patient! I know you’ve heard that anything worth having is worth waiting for. This simple affirmation and proverb is the truth at its best. These days everyone wants to be the hare while the tortoise is the true overcomer. Don’t rush into thinking every “Excuse me Miss” is your forever. It may not even be him….it may be his homeboy.
  3. Keep it to yourself! I know, I know; you want to tell your homegirl everything about your date, trip or whatever. To be honest, she isn’t you and she may just be a hater. Simple as that. Some people feed off of spreading negativity and don’t let your love life be one of them. No need to post about it. No need to put it in the church announcements. Closed mouths get fed. Let your feeding be on love; and love alone.

Be cautious,  have fun and make memories. At the end of the day it’s your life that will create its own legacy. Be you and the King or Queen will follow. So why you? Because you’re a unique spirit that manifests love into reality.