Most young, fashion-conscious students of today look forward to trends on what to wear for the next season. For the spring of 2021, designers have started showcasing their gorgeous designs which you can wear comfortably given our current circumstances.

We have already seen many of these spring fashion trends in previous seasons. A good thing about this is that you could save money without sacrificing style. Here are some of those fashion trends to look forward to this spring.

Comfy clothes since we’re always home anyway

Since many of us are now temporarily working at studying at home, asking yourself who can help write my paper? but designers have made adjustments to suit our lifestyles. These designers have come up with midriff flossing and bralettes, both of which require either a fairly strict workout regime or very high self-confidence levels.

Wearing underwear as your outerwear provides comfort, sheer and floaty maxi dresses offer easy and instant glamour, and ladylike ensembles combined with sportswear give a more modern look. Other trends are pleated skirts with hoodies, bomber jackets with pencil skirts, and tea dresses with cagoules.

Baggy jeans

Baggies have gone out of style, and then they have come back again. Maybe because there is nothing trendier than a pair of lived-in, loose denims, especially if you’re active, and always ready to get out there.

If you aren’t convinced of the charm of these pants, now is the time to try on a pair. Listen to the wise words of the experts and inject your own style into these crisp, clean classics.

You can wear baggy jeans with a white tee, heels, and an oversized blazer This get-up combination is highly recommended to anyone who wants to have a relaxed but sophisticated look.

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Vintage fashion trends make a comeback

Designers have also decided to bring us back to the 90’s fashion, the decade of tight tops, low-rise jeans, and baggy jeans. Try mixing various textures like leather pants with a wool vest, an outfit that will stand out.

But don’t dress up just because you want to be in style. Just as we need to fight for feminism in higher education and fashion, you should dress to express yourself, instead of trying to impress others.

While the style is on a comeback and prices are out of the question, what matters more is the person who rocking the outfit – you! Therefore, the best advice is to be as honest as possible. It’s not about what or how much you’re wearing – it is about how confidently you wear your outfit.

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Accessories rule too

Accessories are the missing pieces that will make your outfit stand out and these will always be part of any fashion trend. Here are the hottest accessories for the spring of 2021:

  • Head Scarves

These will make a statement in 2021 as they are always practical and fashionable. Expect the appearance of soft, silky versions this spring with paisley and floral patterns.

  • Black Face Mask

Since we’re trying to avoid the virus, we might as well get fashionable with it. These are simple, sleek, and will match all of your outfits. 

  • Yellow Purses

Bags with bright yellow hues will make a bold statement and you can find these in many interesting textures and shapes too.

  • Blue Accessories

You can have accessories of this color including bags, a hat, or earrings. These blue shades are the go-to way to make a statement this spring.

  • Fringe Handbags

These accessories with that bohemian vibe became popular in the 70s and are now making a comeback. You can also substitute fringe for tastefully placed tassels.

  • Feather Trim

The use of feathers as parts of accessories has been with us for hundreds of years and we can’t get enough of them. Floral trims, which are commonly used in tanks, dresses, and jackets will instantly give any garment a spunky and fun feel. 

  • Pearls

Many consider pearls classics although, at times, their popularity diminishes. But for the year 2021, pearls will be at the fashion forefront. All of us love the girly and romantic vibes of a pearl necklace or pearl earrings. 

  • Statement Glasses

It doesn’t matter whether you need to wear glasses or not, oversized frames will give you a chic and bold look. Moreover, with more and more of our world becoming virtual, using blue light glasses can help with eye protection too.


After the year 2020 subjected us all to lockdowns and quarantines, many of us feel excited to find ways to brighten up our lives – and wardrobe upgrades are a good start. You can innovate and use what you already have in your closets to create fresh looks for 2021.

Author’s Bio:

James Collins works for a large tech company in a managerial role and has a strong work background ranging from software development to business consultancy firms. He shares his knowledge and ideas with students by helping them with essays, thesis, dissertations and term papers. His free time is for swimming, meditating and reading novels.