When your steps are ordered by God, you move accordingly- seems to be the mantra of Texas native and gospel recording artist, Terrance Bell.
Rightfully described as a serial entrepreneur, Bell has formed and operated successful engineering, construction, residential building, and financial companies. This month in June, the versatile entrepreneur will simultaneously set the bar high and introduce his three passions to the world. Terrance will release his debut book, Flawed But Unbroken: The Regenerate Soul of a Man, his fourth album, My Story, and a mobile veterinarian clinic, GeoVet Animal Care.

Bell’s work ethic may seem over the top to some onlookers, but he sees it as a blessing. “Growing up poor my mom couldn’t afford much so I knew if I wanted the finer things in life, and if I wanted to give my two children a better experience than my childhood, I had to work hard,” says Terrance. Bell admits that most of his life he felt out of place and struggled with feelings of inadequacy in his ability to love and be loved. His impaired relationship he had with his mother at an early age caused him to question God, life, and relationships with women. The truth is, being hurt and feeling unloved by his mother ruled his thoughts and he started to question women’s commitment level to love him unconditionally.

Although his grandparents raised him with a deep-rooted spiritual foundation, the blurred lines between his faith, love, and how to properly navigate romantic relationships led him to ask God a series of more questions. “Can I love and worship God while being single and dating?” “Is it ok to continue being involved with a woman while not being married?” “What type of father would that make me?” “What type of man would that ultimately define me to be?” The answers to those questions would soon run its course throughout his life’s experiences and ordered his next steps to take those lessons and turn them into three teachable moments that could help others.

Book- “Flawed But Unbroken-The Regenerate Soul of a Man”

The first teachable moment comes in the form of his forthcoming book, Flawed But Unbroken-The Regenerate Soul of a Man. Bell draws from his own life experiences and the thoughts of others to pen a masterpiece that will motivate young men who come from impoverished backgrounds and face various hardships while trying to maintain a strong connection to God. He narrates how he conquered his incapacity to love without condition because of occurrences from his childhood.

The book reflects on his strengths and weaknesses, and his flaws and imperfections. It openly discusses his relationships with his children, his parents, grandparents, and the women he’s dated. In a unique way, it builds character for single and married men while providing understanding for women.
Terrance delivers transparent, informative, and sincere material necessary to help parents realize the significance of parental stability, unconditional love, trust, honor, accountability and more.

Music Recording Album- “My Story”

The second teachable moment comes in the form of his fourth music project, My Story. Deemed as his “most passionate work yet” the multi- talented worshipper says he is ready to return to the place he’s purposed to be to share his God-given messages and abilities through melodies and heartfelt lyrics.
With precise production, delightful arrangements and powerful lyrics that evoke emotions, the album brings a joyful praise to its listeners.

Terrance claimed the title as a seasoned musician at an early age. He started singing at three, played several musical instruments by the age of seven, and at twelve-years-old he directed the youth and young adult choir at his church. It comes as no surprise that My Story, is coined as the epitome of a strong contemporary gospel album encouraging others to connect with God on a deeper level.

Mobile Veterinarian Clinic- “GeoVet Animal Care”

The third teachable moment comes in the form of his newest business venture, GeoVet Animal Care, a mobile veterinarian clinic. A cowboy at heart and a lover of animals, Bell adopted the dog-loving spirit from his mom who would oftentimes bring puppies home growing up.

“Not only do I have a love for dogs, but I love and thoroughly enjoy riding horses,” says Terrance. As a child, he would frequent farms and ranches to ride horses. He credits his loving grandparents and neighbors for the entire farm experience growing up, introducing him to different types of farm animals to learn about and how to properly care for them.

Later in life, an individual truly opened his eyes to understand the true souls of pets and all animals. “The way she loved animals was a new experience unlike anything I’d ever seen before and this opened my eyes and heart,” says Bell. The more he learned the more he wanted to get and stay involved. Now, he’s creating a non-profit, Invigorating Soul of Pets, to assist in helping community-controlled animal shelters and animal boarding facilities by providing vaccinations, exams, etc.

A Man of Few Words…

Terrance loves to give back and do for others as he’s sacrificed things in his life to aid and support those less fortunate. His resume for giving back to communities embodies the most prominent philanthropist, which has garnered him recognition as high as the congressional office.

When thinking about his three passions and why it’s so important to share his journey with the world, Terrance emphasizes how vital it is to pay attention to how God orders your steps in life. He hopes his fans, readers and supporters can draw inspiration from his raw life experiences and lessons to muster courage and share theirs to heal and help others on a deeper level.

“Whatever your desire is, do it. If you have multiple talents and different abilities, present them in a way that shows just how much God has poured into you because that’s what he gave it to you for. I make no excuses or justifications for my setbacks or failures in life. I am going to make mistakes and stumble sometimes but if I trust and believe in God, redemption is what he’ll give me. Sometimes people that love and care about you will unconsciously attempt to detour you. Don’t let your friends or even your parent’s’ detour what’s in your heart, do it for yourself and be self-driven!”

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