If I told you told Q.Nicole advocated for D.A.R.E as a child, only to become a leading lady in the cannabis industry by owning a hemp farm, would you believe me? Her goals are personal. Having experienced a flawed criminal justice system due to her brother’s current incarceration due to small quantities of marijuana gave her a perspective. This also gave her the tenacity to be the best in the business and advocate for others. With her hemp company being grown on African American farmland in North Carolina, Q. Nicole is bridging the gap with her business and black farming. Through her expertise, Q. Nicole has helped over one-hundred businesses launch CBD-inspired brands in less than one year through the services of her company WH Farms Co.

The number of black farmers has rapidly declined mostly to systemic racism. According to Q.Nicole, in 1920,  fourteen percent of farmers were black, currently, that number has declined to less than two percent.  This means that black farmland is near extinction. With the current and rising demand for CBD, it’s Q. Nicole’s mission is to bring awareness to WH Farms Co., whose cannabis is uniquely grown on these legacy farms. Her access to resources is one to be shared as the CBD industry continues to boom, especially in the beauty industry.

In speaking of the beauty industry, are you aware that to its potential anti-inflammatory properties, CBD may be useful for treating many skin conditions, including acne, eczema, and psoriasis?

There are so many secrets to cannabis and the beauty industry, and Q. Nicole is spilling the tea!

Let’s elaborate more on cannabis and beauty, what’s the secret???

The secret is that cannabis has phenomenal wellness qualities that help drastically improve one’s beauty.  Cannabis has anti-inflammatory qualities that have great benefits – for acne, it helps to reduce acne breakouts (which is the byproduct of inflammation); for redness, CBD has calming characteristics that soothe & reactivates the skin and CBD helps to reduce oil production which also reduces breakouts.  Using products like the CBD body scrub and butter help to relax muscles, ease anxiety and improve the condition of the skin.

Do you see cannabis and the beauty industry booming in the future? How?

Absolutely!  The cannabis industry is exploding right before our eyes & is expected to reach an excess of $50B within the next 5 years. Crazy! The phenomenal part of this is that CBD, a component of cannabis, is a goldmine of an ingredient that goes into soooo many products, especially beauty products.  So, in the same way, we saw retail brands create “organic” or “all-natural” versions of their beauty products, those same large companies will be creating CBD versions.  That is just a large vision of what is to come. There is such a great opportunity for entrepreneurial-minded individuals interested in creating generational wealth to plant their flag, build a six-figure brand and get in position.

How do you see yourself contributing to this industry?

Yes – my farm, WH Farms Co., is the #1 source for premium CBD and we show individuals how they can create income & impact in the CBD industry.  We have helped over 100 individuals launch their CBD brands and have watched them earn thousands, tens of thousands even when launching their CBD brand – that is the demand we are noticing.  We are the only farm to offer an actual Business Launch Kit to inspire the next Carol’s Daughter & we have a turnkey White Label program for those who don’t want to create their product.  We know that we are fulfilling our mission to provide access to more inspiring entrepreneurs & to spread the wellness magic of CBD.

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