Every woman has her own story about her beautiful journey through life. Every triumph and every scar from both necessary and unnecessary falls have its very own tale and every tale no matter how twisted ends in a much-needed victory. It’s impossible to have any victory and not be an overcomer for without that journey, it’s impossible to become a successful winner. Having suffered an unimaginable loss of a child, Amira Stokes owner of “Unbothered Goddess,” channeled her energy towards building her legacy of a lifestyle brand geared towards encouraging people to push forward, uplift your mind to have and create positive thoughts and the beauty of self-care, taking care of the mind, body and soul. The brand includes an exclusive product line of apparel, home décor and journals. This brand has no room for negative energy and challenges you to make positive thoughts your number one focus she says,

 “I had my moments of doubt and tears about the loss of my child. But I couldn’t live that way. I looked into many methods of coping and when I gathered the strength and confidence that I needed to push through, I knew I would be ok. My husband was a major help in helping me to rediscover who I was. I think a lot of people don’t realize that when you lose a child, you lose a piece of who you are, and you have to rebuild and reconnect back to life. Creating a lifestyle brand has been my counseling sessions for myself. I use journaling as a source to write down my thoughts and what I want to accomplish, and it helps me to continue to stay positive. As I began to heal, I realized that I had an angel watching over me and I called my baby, my angel baby.”

The Baltimore native birthed her lifestyle brand called, “Unbothered Goddess”, at a time when most women would be drowning in pain and grief. The name comes from letting go of negative thoughts and energy and embracing your inner goddess. She was able to pick up strength as she started to understand that self-care is a major priority in life.

“When I started to see how strong I was becoming, my creativity began to flow. I started to understand that it’s ok to be selfish and do things solely just for you. There are times when people will try to make you feel guilty for taking time for you, but it’s a must. You have to have time where you can just love on who you are and be unapologetic about it.”

Stokes feels strongly about protecting your positive energy and not allowing others permission to disrupt yours. After healing and overcoming her loss, she and her husband conceived another child and she gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Zuri Kyomi she says;

“Becoming a mother is one of the greatest gifts. My daughter was the answer to prayers, and she is so special. Even as a new mother I have to find balance so that I don’t lose who I’am and so I’m able to give her what she needs.”

The product line associated with the lifestyle brand also includes an E-Book for mothers who deal with “Mommy Guilt.”

“Mom’s need guides too. Being a mother is a full-time job alone and you know what, it’s ok once again to take time out just for you. Read books, work out, journal, meditate. Do whatever you need to, to have time for yourself. If not your will lose yourself.”



All images courtesy of Amira Stokes