Black women have been accounting for the greatest percentage of new startups year after year for the last several years. More and more, women of color are stepping into the role of business owner. Amid the unprecedented pandemic that began in 2020, we decided to create our own parachutes and build our own tables.

Based in Columbia, SC, “Nurse Sisters” business owners Tierney J. Myers (Nurse T) and Jessica Lemon (Nurse Jess) are two amazing women that, while risking their lives daily on the front lines as health professionals during the COVID-19 crisis, decided to turn their passions for nursing into a business. Specializing in everything from Geriatric Companion Care to Postpartum Care, Nurse Sisters has been finding great success in the growing practice of Post Operative Recovery Care. Both experienced Licensed Practical Nurses, these two women have remixed the nursing game.

Meet Nurse T. and Nurse Jess, The Nurse Sisters!

Tell us a little about your background in the healthcare industry.

Nurse Jess: I have been in healthcare since 2007. I started out working at the hospital as a student nurse. I originally got into the industry because my sister, who actually passed away about three years ago, was in the industry and I always admired what she did and that is what sparked my interest. I have experience in many different areas of nursing over my eleven-year career.

Nurse T: I started nursing in 2011. My experience is in different areas of nursing including long-term care and geriatric care. I have worked in memory care, long-term care as well as general practice and OBGYN. I like to consider myself a well-rounded nurse. I even worked with the COVID19 Response Team!

How did you guys come up with the business concept for Nurse Sisters?

Nurse T: In working in home health care, a lot of people don’t realize that through medicare you only receive in-home healthcare for a certain number of days. There is a review after the allotted time and if denied further care, they often don’t know what their possible resources are. Even in Post-Operative and Postpartum care, they don’t know what their options are. Jessica and I came up with a concept to try and bridge that gap and developed a plan from there.

What do you specialize in that sets you apart from everyone else?

Nurse T: Our specialty is becoming post-operative care because plastic surgery is not taboo anymore. People are getting cosmetic surgery for everything and when it is time to recover, they need adequate care and we have been able to really find our place with those customers. I would say that this is what makes us different because we are with them throughout the entire process from when they even decide to schedule a procedure. We give them all the information needed from beginning to end!

What would you say is the long term, big picture goal for Nurse Sisters?

Nurse Jess: We plan to branch out and hire other nurses, perhaps some CNAs for certain assignments and we are also working on a scrub line and we plan for it to be available later on in the Spring or Summer. We have so many amazing ideas and we have come such a long way and we plan to just keep the ball rolling.

Nurse T: Someone commented on one of our posts that we should consider making this a franchise and I can see it! I see it! We just want to continue to grow.

Nurse T and Nurse Jess say they feel truly blessed by the way that they have been sp well received and they are following God’s lead all the way. With an abundance of love, support, and incredible vision for the future, these women are just getting started in what will surely be a prosperous and successful journey while being of great service to others.

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