The Braxton family, Shea Moisture, and Justine Skye co-signed product has made waves this year as one of the most genius products coming from black women named Khadija Imara and Natasha Anderson. Major outlets such as Afrotech, PopSugar, Buzzfeed, and Essence have spotlighted the innovative beauty tool set to help people with braids let their braids down as smoothly as possible.

However, what does it do, and what makes the product unique? The Original UnBraider is an artistically and durably designed innovative product used to unbraid hair. The comb has been engineered to take down 6 to 8 braids simultaneously. It serves two purposes, one to take down braids and two to comb out the unbraided hair simultaneously.

The mission of the product and brand is to revolutionize the beauty industry by designing black-owned hair care products for black people in a field where black women are the majority consumers but have minority ownership. Also, to Empower young women to be entrepreneurs. Teens and young adults can start their own take-down business, using The Original UnBraider, an affordable cornerstone of their business, finally to provide products and services curated explicitly for protective styles that hydrate and strengthen hair.

The overall mission and application of The Original UnBraider are second to none. The story of the two brilliant people behind it also makes the invention unique. Natasha Anderson, Co-Owner and Founder, has a wholesome motivation behind the brand. Being a mother to five children and a Cal State Long Beach graduate, she had a vision In 2004, which was changing how beauticians, parents, and kids take down braids. The idea was to revolutionize the beauty industry by changing how we take down braids, provide opportunities for young women, and empower the black community.

The beauty industry lacks black ownership, and The Original UnBriader is to show black people, specifically young black women, that we can be innovators and solve our communities’ problems through our creativity. Natasha and her family sold the product locally from mall kiosks and beauty salons in California. Unfortunately, the business initially slowed when Anderson’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and subsequently passed. Khadija Imara stepped up as CEO after their grandmother’s passing and focused on her passion for black women’s entrepreneurship.

Not only having an impressive educational background, University of California, Davis B.A. class of 2018, and a Master of Educational Technology from Boise State University in 2020, Khadija has a natural affinity for procuring an efficient business that helps transcend boundaries. Imara’s goal was to fulfill her mother’s original mission to change how people unbraid their hair. Khadija is focused on bringing The Original UnBraider to black homes and black-owned businesses around the globe and has become a staple in black homes, next to the hot comb and the bonnet.