There are so many amazing products being released this month, whether its makeup, skincare, or hair products, we’re loving every second of it and you should too! We’ve covered all the makeup and skincare releases happening this month but all the hair products coming out this month are too good for us not to share! Check out all of the new hair products hitting the shelves this month and let us know what you’ll be purchasing!

photo obtained from Sephora

Drybar Detox Bubbles & Berries, $23

You’ll want to make sure you act quickly with this product. This limited-edition dry shampoo is one that will leave your hair smelling like fresh berries (when we all know the real secret). There is micro-fine powder in this product which will absorb all the oil and odor on your hair without leaving that white cast we all hate to see in dry shampoos.

photo obtained from Vivi Naturals

Vivi Naturals Root 66, $54

Looking to add a little thickness and volume to the hair? Well look no further because this serum from Vivi Naturals contains cannabis sativa seed oil, amino acids, biotin, and more great  ingredients that will help nourish the hair. It will not only strengthen the hair but help stimulate the hair follicles so that you get the thickness you desire.

photo obtained from Coco & Eve

Coco & Eve Miracle Hair Elixir, $30

Another great product that is making it’s way into the scene is this elixir from Coco & Eve. It’s hydrating, add shines, and controls the frizz. There are great ingredients in this product including hyaluronic acid, papaya, coconut, and more! It’s easy to use! Apply this onto the hair before styling and it will leave the hair looking shiny and fully nourished. The cool part about it is that it can also be applied to the hair and left overnight to work it’s magic.