On Tuesday, July 19th, Hennessy held an intimate dinner celebrating Torae Carr’s new position as President of the Recording Academy’s New York Chapter at Tao Downtown in New York City.

LVMH’s Daytona led a Hennessy toast celebrating the multifaceted Torae; rapper, songwriter, media personality, husband, father and professor. Guests Sway Calloway (Shade45), Datwon Thomas (VIBE), Bonsu Thompson (Hard2Earn), Ron Mills (SiriusXM), Life (Hard2Earn), DJ Reg West, Tayler Carr, Jessica Mortime (Motown), Rose Daniels, Amber Ravenel, Jeff Rosenthal (itsthereal), Eric Rosenthal (itsthereal) all shared special memories with Torae.

Torae said, “Last night was a truly amazing night. To have that caliber of people show up to celebrate meant the world to me. Having people I’ve encountered throughout the business grow into family is a part of the journey I never knew could occur. Every aspect of my career was represented in some way at that table last night and I’m forever grateful. And according to the words spoken the New York chapter of the Recording Academy has itself one hell of a new President.”

Torae Carr-  Torae, creator and host of “The Tor Guide,” on SiriusXM’s Hip-Hop Nation is the epitome of a multi-hyphenate renaissance man. When the songwriter, actor, rapper, philanthropist and entrepreneur isn’t delivering his daily morning show he’s writing Billboard chart topping Gold & Platinum hits, creating change for music creators as the  President of the Recording Academy’s New York chapter or in character on set delivering his latest role. Torae’s diverse ascendance is the result of purpose, dedication and a blue collar work ethic. As a newly appointed professor at Medgar Evers college, the multi-hyphenate intends to educate the next generation of music industry professionals with his “Business of Music” course. Whether at a podium, in a classroom or in a recording booth, Torae will certainly be doing one thing: Dropping jewels. Follow him @Torae.

Photo credit: Daniel Vasquez  / 📸 @danielvasquezphotos