There are so many different religions in our world. You have the world’s major and most known religion, Christianity. Followed by Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and many others. However just because a person is religious doesn’t mean they can’t be spiritual. Spirituality involves the recognition of a feeling, sense, or belief that there is something greater than yourself. SHEEN Magazine had the pleasure of speaking with clairvoyant Celina Marie, a viral TikToker who rose to stardom based on her natural gifts and abilities by being a tarot card reader.

What is a tarot card reader? Are there multiple decks one can use? What ones do you use and why? 

“A Tarot Card reader is someone who uses Tarot Cards to predict the future. We can also look into the past or current energy! I preferably like to use the original Rider Waite Tarot deck, I feel like I can connect more to it than other decks. You can also use Oracle cards!”

Celina Marie can be found on Youtube (Celina Marie), Instagram (@blue.dream333), and TikTok (@blue.dream333) predicting one’s future by using tarot cards. Depending on one’s current or past situation, the reading can resonate with them fully. Celina Marie explained that she looks at current energies and feels whatever her clients are experiencing. While conducting the readings she does zone out to concentrate that way she can see visions and feelings. The clairvoyant even expressed to SHEEN that she can experience chills especially if her clients are going through something.

How long have you been doing these practices? 

I’ve been doing this since 2017, shortly after I had my spiritual awakening.”

In 2016 Celina Marie had a spiritual awakening! She was experiencing precognitive dreams that would come through to her. It was something that she couldn’t deny. She began to learn that she was getting drawn to that community and it just felt so right and natural for her. Celina Marie gained great friendships through the community who welcomed her with open arms to participate.

Do you classify yourself as being spiritual? Can you be spiritual and religious? If so please explain why? 

“Yes, and yes! In spirituality, you’re connecting with your higher self. Trying to live a high vibrational life. In religion, there is a God you worship and I feel like there are more restrictions. You can be spiritual and religious, you can choose to be whatever you want!”

Can tarot reading be learned or is it a gift? 

“Both! Of course, you would need to learn the meanings of the cards, but in Tarot when you’re gifted you would often see visions in your mind’s eye while doing tarot, gut feelings, etc.”

Celina Marie’s sister is a tarot card reader as well. Their mom is very supportive of their practices but their dad is very religious so it is taken him a little longer however he is trying to have a more open mind about it. Her friends are supportive of her path as well. Celina Marie told SHEEN that sometimes when she is around her friends she can feel their energy. Without trying, Celina Marie can know if something is bothering her friends.

When she went viral on TikTok, Celina Marie began getting hate comments. In the beginning, she was unsure how to respond. Some comments were ignorant, some were weird, and others were just hateful. Now she knows how to properly move forward with those kinds of comments.

How powerful are the meanings behind the different zodiac signs? Do you strongly believe in the zodiac? 

“I believe each zodiac sign correlates to a different personality. I strongly believe in astrology! People often define themselves as their “big three”. Your sun sign, which is your ego. Your moon sign, which are your emotions and inner personality, and your rising sign is how people view you.”

There are 12 zodiac signs. Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. Of course, we all have our own opinions on their different personality traits, however, the traits can explain why a person feels the way they do, how they react to bad news, and more! As Celina Marie was explaining to SHEEN, your rising sun is how people perceive you before fully knowing you. Your moon sign is your inner emotions only close people in your life know. Lastly, your sun sign is how your personality is at your core, who you truly are.

When did you begin to realize your gift?

“I realized I was gifted when I was about 4 years old. I would see spirits, then eventually I started to have precognitive dreams that predicted the future. I can also feel people’s energy, I can be an energetic sponge sometimes though.”
What are the different meanings behind birthmarks? (if you know please answer)

“I’ve heard somewhere it’s how you died in your past life! Not sure though.”

While advising others based on their cards, do you pull some for your sanity and clarity?

“Yes, I do! I give myself readings regularly.”

With Celina Marie being a clairvoyant herself, one would ask ‘do you pull your cards’ and the answer is yes! She opened up to SHEEN about a time when she wanted to go to an event and she pulled cards before going. Something told her that something was wrong and it wasn’t a good idea to attend the event. At the time Celina Marie was unsure why she was getting the feeling that it wasn’t a good idea, and convinced herself to go. The event was a spiritual fair where the vendors were selling different crystals and conducting readings. When she entered the event she could tell that some around her were envious of her presence. Celina Marie is very gifted and awesome at what she does. Regardless of if you view yourself as spiritual, religious, or neither at all; always remember to have good and positive energy. Whatever you put into the universe will always come back to you. If you supply negative energy, negative things will come back. If you supply positive energy, positive things will come back.