An inspiring journey of an American traveler who left it all behind.

Have you ever just been exhausted with your surroundings, wanting to just leave it all behind? To some, the concept may seem bleak, but to travelista Alexis aka “She Just Left,” this was an opportunity for better. This story personally touched this journalist and inspired us to share her story. The moral, whether in silence or in volume, is to make the MOVE.

Tell me what prompted you to move to Vietnam?

After the 2016 election, I left the country in January and went to Qatar. For me, America had just gotten too heavy to bare. The number of innocent Black men, women, and children who were being murdered at the hands of police had started to eat at my spirit. The man that became the President of the United States of America would be a man that did not stand for anything but hate against people who looked like me. There was no way I was staying there, I had to leave.


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