For centuries emphasis regarding beauty has been placed on looking youthful. However most of our society has did a 180 degree turn towards diversity of ages, shapes, sizes, color, and physical disabilities. This changing of the guards can be seen on fashion runways through inclusion of women with two toned skin, athletic frames, curvier shapes, middle aged, and older women. Fashion and beauty companies are also embracing that women are beautiful beyond 25 years of age and have so much to offer. The celebration of beauty at every age is the latest trend which can be viewed at fashion shows, competitions, pageants, ad campaigns, daytime, evening, and reality shows. Celebrating beauty at every age encourages women to step out of their comfort zone while staying true to their selves. I have had the pleasure of conversing with a host of women for many years and come to realize many women don’t feel so beautiful after midlife. However it’s a new era wrapped in self-love, and embracing those who appreciate the women you’ve become. Women are living longer, looking younger, and taking good care of themselves through creating healthy lifestyles.

One important factor of looking good at any age is understanding your body type to know what looks best on you regarding clothes and how they fit. I like to share tips by making suggestions to my clients on what flatters their body type. For instance one should stand in a three way mirror to see how a garment looks from the front, back, and side. This gives you a complete view of your head to toe appearance. If you don’t feel good about the look you shouldn’t wear or purchase the garment. It’s so important to feel good in a garment because that old cliché “When you look good you feel good” is totally true. How you feel in a garment could change the course of your day or evening.

Embrace the change and stage you’re in and don’t get stuck in a style rut.  Learn to take risks by experimenting with fashion and make it fun. Since most of us middle aged and older women don’t care what other people think in this time of our life you can still look and feel confident and sexy.  I have grandma pajamas but I have lots of sexy lingerie and I hope you do too.

Wearing age appropriate clothes is also important. However certain clothing can be worn on most ages of women. For instance a suit, blazer, T-shirts, and jeans are classic pieces. The right dress that compliments a woman’s figure can make a statement at any age. As I have come into a mature age I decided to drop my hemlines on dresses. However sometimes I wear a shorter hemline and it’s paired with a three quarter length jacket or maxi coat.

Invest in your wardrobe by buying quality which outlasts quantity. It’s okay to have trendy pieces but quality will last a decade or more and still remain fashionable. So choosing the best quality you can afford is timeless and ageless. Every woman should have a tailored jacket, tailored pant, jeans, silk shirt, statement purse and shoes.

When choosing shoes you may want to consider comfort and style. Your feet become more sensitive as we age. Most of your nerve endings are located in your toes and feet. A small platform heel gives more stability and cushion against the pavement. Another stylish and comfortable choice is a chunky heel on shoes and boots. The stilettos and boots are now available in two to three inch heels again. I remember in high school wearing heels, and high platforms every day. If the shoe was cute and the store didn’t have my size I would buy a whole size smaller because I had to have it. I would be in pain but I was cute. These days I only purchase comfortable stylish shoes and sometimes one half size bigger. My view has truly changed over the years towards comfort. So continue to GLOW, grow, and be fashionable!

The first picture above is me in my 50’s. Women can still turn heads with a pulled together look at any age.

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