Around this time of the year, people are figuring out the best gifts and intimate or romantic sex positions that will make reunions with their partners a joy. New romantics also take the same space because steamy sex is a great way to strengthen young bonds.

Two years ago, Covid-19 hit the world. While most people thought it would stay for a short time and cause less damage, the virus became a global pandemic. The death toll and high infection rates then ushered in lockdown, disconnecting people from their loved ones. This was a turning point for many romantic relationships. Due to distance, insecurities increased, resulting in breakups. “Lack of understanding and open communication lines can even sink healthy relationships during these trying times,” says Tatyana Dyachencho, a sex blogger and relationship advisor at Dimepiece LA.

Dealing with coronaphobia, health, financial, and relationship issues encouraged stress, significantly affecting people’s emotional, physical and psychological well-being. “Looking for ways to cope with the complicated Covid 19 world increases mental and mood disorders, affecting people’s health and general well-being”, says Barbara Santini, a London-based psychologist, and relationship advisor.

Here is the post-covid world, now what? With the world slowly reopening, lovebirds, have the chance to make things right again. The freedom to move around and gather allows the establishment and growth of relationships during this season of love. Even so, couples need to stay creative in and out of the bedroom. That is why as you try to figure out the best gifts of the day, you need these intimate and romantic sex positions for a memorable season of love.

Missionary is touted as the best vanilla sex position because it encourages deep penetration, skin-to-skin intimacy, and eye contact. Also known as a man-on-on top position, it gives the thrusting partner the power to control the entire lovemaking session. The penetrating partner with a penis or strap-on assumes the top position while the receiving partner lies underneath them. After inserting the love tool in the bottom’s anus or vagina, the top partner then starts thrusting at a desired rhythm and depth of penetration.

Since the penetrating partner does all the work in this position, the receiving partner can creatively use their hands to stimulate their clitoris for next-level blended orgasms. If hands are not a better idea, get a bullet vibrator beforehand for mind-blowing missionary sex. Bullet vibrators are also a great opportunity to establish if pin-pointed stimulations, are your thing. If they are overwhelming, use the vibrator horizontally.” Some women or vagina-having persons like direct clitoral stimulations while others find them overwhelming,” says Katie Lasson, a clinical sexologist, sex intimacy, and relationship advisor. For this reason, singletons can also determine what works for them by rubbing their clitoris directly or through the labia and hood. This can help take their self-love to new roofs this coming Valentine’s Day.

Doggy is another great position for deep penetration. This position requires the receiving partner to get on their all fours, whether on the couch or bed, then the thrusting partner kneels and penetrates them from behind. Unlike missionary, doggy allows the receiving partner to control the penetration depth and rhythm. You may get doggy style off the table because it does not allow eye contact. However, its deepest penetration can give you the best Valentine’s Day of your life. “Doggy style is oddly satisfying when done in the right way,” says Kristina Shafarenko, a part-time freelance lifestyle writer covering health and fitness, sex, sexual wellness, and relationships. Giving your partner a wonderful view of your butt can also make those spanking moments incredibly hot.

To start, the receiving partner lies on their side. Kneeling beside the receiving partner, the thrusting partner straddles their bottom leg, lifts and holds the other leg to get the right penetration angle. “The pretzel position allows deep penetration and eye contact,” says Barbara Santini. Straddling the receiving partner’s bottom leg and lifting the other leaves a better angle for deep penetration.” The bottom’s hands are free in this position, encouraging stimulation of other hot zones including the clitoris,” she adds. To make stimulating this sweet spot zone easier and more pleasurable, include vibrating cock rings in your Valentine’s Day sexual routine.

Standing Missionary
“Standing missionary gives the penetrating partner total control of the play,” says Ieva Kubiliute, a psychologist, sex, and relationship advisor. To assume this position, the receiving partner should rest their upper body on a flat surface, like a countertop or bed, wrapping their legs around the waist of the standing partner. Once everything is in its rightful place, the penis or strap-on dildo owner can start thrusting into the bottom’s anus or vagina. “Countertops can be cold, making the bottom partner uncomfortable,” says Monika Wasserman, a London-based doctor and freelance writer focusing on sex and love, health, relationships, and fitness. For this reason, you can layer a towel and pillow for extra comfort during thrusting. If the bottom is naturally defiant, whip out the handcuffs from your drawer to gain total control of the play.

By a wall
By a wall sex position involves mounting the receiving partner against the wall and penetrating them from the front.” The By a wall position allows skin-to-skin intimacy and kissing,” says Tatyana Dyachenko. On top of that, you get eye contact when thrusting into your partner’s anus or vagina. “To get the best from this position, chase your partner with a spanker before pinning them against the wall,” adds Dyachenko.

To start, the penetrating partner sits on a sex tool or edge of the bed. The receiving partner then jumps on top, lowering themselves on the bottom’s penis or strap-on then moves up and down. If it is same-gender sex or the penetrating partner also enjoys anal stimulations, whip out a double-ended dildo for stimulations that are out of this world. “As you rock, you will look into each other eyes, increasing intimacy,” says Kristina Shafarenko.

69 is the hottest oral sex position in town. “The 69 position makes both of you givers and receivers of oral pleasure”. To start, lie on your side facing opposite directions, ensuring your bodies align for your mouths to access each other’s genitals. After that, start the mouth-to-genital play. Since your partner may not like the natural taste of vaginal fluids or odor, bring in flavored sex lube for a great oral play.

“Spooning is the great way to turn your morning cuddles into steamy sex,” says Monika Wassermann. To assume this position, the inner spoon should lie on their side. The outer spoon then curls up to fit along the inner spoon’s back. Since the receiving partner will be the inner spoon, the outer spoon penetrates from behind. The alignment of bodies in this position discourages deeper penetrations. For this reason, the outer spoon can thrust into the inner spoon for a little longer due to less stimulation. The receiving partner’s hands will be free in this position, encouraging stimulation of nipples or clitoris for double pleasure. Alternatively, use nipple clamps for deep blended orgasms.

Gift Wrapped
Sure, you are your partner’s greatest Valentine’s Day gift. If so, why not experiment with the Gift-Wrapped position to let them slowly explore you between the sheets in this season of love? While lying on your sides and facing each other, the receiving partner wraps their legs and arms around the penetrating partner’s waist and upper back, respectively. Once the bodies are aligned, the penetrating partner can thrust the receiving partner them out. Gift Wrapped is also a great position for experimenting with sensory play. For this reason, crawl into the bedroom with a blindfold to enhance your partner’s other senses, something they can find incredibly pleasurable.

Legs Up
For legs up, the receiving partner lies on a soft surface, lifts their legs in the air, and spreads them wide apart. While kneeling, the penetrating partner gets between the bottom’s legs, holds them for maximum support, and starts thrusting into them. Foreplay can help you get the best from this position. For this reason, order finger vibrators for out-of-this-world Valentine’s Day sex.

With a few days to Valentine’s Day, most people are trying to figure out the gifts that will make their partner’s swoon. Sure, gifts are great, but if your day will end with a passionate romp, you need a little creativity to steal the show on that day. You can show creativity in many ways, including experimenting with new sex positions. Since searching for sex positions on the internet can be extremely tiresome, this text rounds up the ten most intimate and romantic to make things easier for you. Try them on this forthcoming Valentine’s Day for an awesome season of love.