For years men have been considered leaders in the home, workplace, and everything in between. In many aspects’ women have been considered the inferior sex. Though, were smart enough to allow men to think that; the modern-day world woman can do it all. Women today are changing tires, leading in the board room, all while baring children and curing world hunger. Here are 10 things every aspiring boss babe should have to keep leveling up in the playing field.

  1. A Plan
    Simply put and yet it’s the top priority. Ladies, we must first create a vision for our life and figure out how to get there. Many of us are going nowhere fast, working, and working with no clear direction. Create a plan, set deadlines, and execute. There is no way around putting in the work. Hoping and praying to whomever it is you believe in won’t do much for you. You got put some hustle behind that prayer.
  2. Stocks
    Now I’m no financial advisor, however, make the investment sis. Buying stock gives you the opportunity to make your money work for you. You don’t have to be a math wiz or completely understand stocks or the market but educate yourself on what your doing. It used to be that you’d have to be this math whiz, wolf of wall street type of person to buy and profit from stocks. Now, all you need is a few coins and a cell phone. Just remember this rule of thumb, don’t invest anything you can’t afford to lose.
  3. Protection
    Someone harming you is a scary thing to think about. However, we must always be prepared. Protection limits may vary depending on your world view. This could look like taking a self-defense class, purchasing a tube of pepper spray, or getting your license to carry. Whatever you fancy, have a plan to stay safe in the unhopeful event you are placed in harm’s way.
  4. Savings Account
    Rainy days will come, and you must ensure you have some cash stashed away for when they do. Put a little bit aside here and there. Small consistent deposits will eventually add up to large savings. Budgeting may seem hard at first, but you must be able to master the art of this discipline to reach your full boss babe potential. Choose between what you want in the moment and what you want most.
  5. Credit
    If you’re like me, you may be wishing you would’ve read this part years ago. Protect your credit. That includes homes, cars, loans, and credit cards galore. Review your credit score often, dispute things that don’t quite look right, pay your bills on time, and it need be put those student loans in deferment. Your credit is your buying power.
  6. Routine
    All your time should be accounted for, this keeps you on track with your plan. No, this does not mean you don’t have fun time. It just means that if you know you have a meeting at 7 am sharp; you’re throwing down shots with your bestie at the corner pub the night before. Add your fun time to your routine. Start by trying the millionaire morning routine. This includes making your bed, reflection, workout, breakfast, planning, and your work time.
  7. One solid friend
    As you get older, you may begin to realize your friend circle has become smaller and smaller. Many of us grow apart or evolve from the versions of ourselves that were once friends with versions of other people. Even your closest friends you don’t speak to as often. Have no fear its just growing up. All you need is one good friend that you can call on to vent, chat with, and depend on when times get hard or if you just need a laugh.
  8. A good exfoliator
    Whether your noticing the appearance of crow’s feet or your battling with adult acne. Exfoliating will leave your skin bright, glowing, and help the problem whatever it may be. Exfoliating aids in the removal of old skin and resurfaces the skin, so that a new smoother layer can emerge. It is important that we take care of our skin and invest in our exfoliator.
  9. Wardrobe staples
    When we look good, we feel good. Every boss babe should have a black or navy suit, a little black dress and a pair of jeans that make your butt look good. These three staple pieces are interchangeable with day to day and professional encounters. Walk in the room confident and own the day. And if you’re a make up girl, a classic red lip is a must have.
  10. Peace of Mind
    As you level up to the extraordinary woman you work so hard to become, don’t forget to take time just for you. Entertain only the things and people who celebrate you. If this is not the case, that means its time to reevaluate the things and people you allow in your space. It is nearly impossible to become your best boss babe self in a toxic environment. Find what feeds your fire and watch it grow.


This feature was submitted by Ranecia Dee


Ranecia Dee is a spoken word artist, curriculum writer, and English Professor. She is originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin; but calls Atlanta home.  Ranecia is an HBCU graduate and holds a master’s degree in education and Professional Development. She enjoys vintage fashion, anything nineties, poetry, fine dining, and literacy advocacy.