As The Happiness Warrior, I feel it’s important to talk about the good and the bad in words and thoughts that we can all relate to and understand. It’s my firm belief that happiness is more than just a feeling but a means of change and reunification that we so badly need in our current societal condition and rampant dysfunction.

I’m always hopeful and know in my heart that we can and deserve to be better. I’ll never give up, never lose my way, and will stay true to my intention. A warrior’s path is often predetermined, and I’ve never felt a reason to waver on my mission. All humans deserve to feel happiness and it starts with feeling good.

I seek happiness foremost with truth and authenticity. I know that there are so many other paths that will come along to explore and learn from, but happiness is my mission and vibration.

I know what it’s to feel incredibly happy and I know the darkness that can overwhelm us so completely. The crippling emotions that arise when we’re hurt, defensive, and angry. The feeling of being emotionally devastated and wondering if we can stand any more suffering? A feeling that we want to lash out and hurt others. Impulses and reactions. All self-directed and created without any thought. So much self-provoked harm that we repeat in punishing cycles.

We can take control of this feeling and change our story to self-empowerment and reinvention. The moment when we realize and believe that we can do better. Forgiveness, gratitude, and redemption lie just within reach.

Deep down we know that this dynamic of misery and negative self-emotions is caused by the attitude and mindset that we decide to live by. Much to our sorrow we try to avoid the truth. Revealing our public face that’s often dishonest. We resort to victimhood and blaming our circumstances on others. Making a conscious effort to suppress and deny.


There’s always a choice to make to live our lives at their best and feel our best every day. A happy and often exhilarating path to reinvention and redemption.

We can rise when we realize there’s no one to stop us. Never listen to anyone who tells us we can’t do something and always ponder their motivation. The truth will inevitably rise when we are able to feel good about ourselves and not succumb to self-created negative emotions and doubts.

There’s a moment when we realize that we have the power to change our direction and compass. The point in life when we decide that feeling good and letting go of our fears and inhibitions is healthy and wise. A time when we realize that we have a right to be happy. Knowing that with courage and clarity we can be happier and more grateful. Feeling good about our choices and feeling at peace in the present and now. Knowing that life will happen as it’s supposed to unfold when our intention remains strong and our spirit is bold.

Feeling good is always something that’s marginalized and made fun of in our fast-paced and sarcastic world. A place where fear permeates the environment and those who seek to make things better are questioned and shunned. Humans with their heads in the sand refusing to see the good life that’s right in front of them. Unwilling to yield or bend, Futhering our current societal divisions and ungrounded fears.

This is where we can ask ourselves to make a decision.  Do we want to be happy and free to think for ourselves, or do we want to give up, submit, and conform?

Sometimes when I’m on a long walk or somewhere quiet and alone a scene from the past will enter my mind and my emotions will feel like they’re in turmoil. Anger, revenge, vengeance might go through my mind, and my brain feels like it’s on fire. These are terrible emotions to allow ourselves to process and I tell myself that I have a choice to let it go now and be happy or carry the anger through my day.

This is when I use my wisdom to refocus my thinking on something positive and life-affirming. I tell myself that all is well and that I can bend once in a while but will always be moving forward with strength and momentum. How quickly I can make myself feel good. All anger and unhealthy thoughts are destroyed and forgotten.

Self-empowerment and the ability to adhere to core values and mission, is how we move forward and feel-good no matter where we are. Tethered in the here and now. Happy and satisfied.

Here are seven science-based tips to create more happiness and give ourselves permission to feel good now and forever:

1.      Build a stronger connection with the positive side of our brain. This is how we raise our endorphins by thinking of pleasant memories, people, and places that we love. The more time we spend in this happier place means less time to dredge up negative times from the past. The past has already happened, and regret should be no more than a ghost of a reminder. Let go, close our eyes, and think of three things that make us happy. The result is always the same.

2.      Identify and connect with emotions that make us feel human and connected. Be ready to explore how it feels to feel passionate and joyful about life. There are so many avenues here that we can explore: excitement, passion, inspiration, self-confidence, happiness, contentment, and peace.

3.      Once we’ve connected with our once suppressed or latent emotions it’s time to venture into the world and explore and test our new powers. Take action and make things happen. Once we start there’s no end or any limits. Whatever we choose to be or become is our singular mission. Don’t get stuck in the act of searching for permission. The answer lies within and is ours alone in its truth and authenticity.

4.      Make gratitude an important element of every major decision and accomplishment. Without gratitude we are useless and provide no benefit to others. Gratitude is most powerful when it’s practiced with integrity and good feelings. Sharing this amazing feeling with others is how we can overcome almost anything and live happier timelines.

5.      Understand that negative emotions play an important role in our lives and suppressing them only makes them linger and grow stronger. Try to focus on each new fear or anger, say it aloud and let it become smaller. This small step is one of the most powerful acts we can do to make ourselves happier and impermeable from being trampled on by others. Each lesson no matter how painful creates a greater connection with our spirit and raises our vibration.

6.      Learning to love ourselves and forgive with compassion is how we create a new reality where we can feel good all the time without permission or validation from others. This is when we feel a sense of the weight that’s lifted when we finally see the good inside and truly love who we are forever. Remember, that beating ourselves up serves no purpose.

7.      There are times in life when we’re all going to experience a failure or loss of our own doing. Even when all seems lost, a mistake can be corrected, and every problem has a solution. There’s never a time when we can’t shift our focus on finding something that feels good, makes us happier, and more fulfilled. Shifting, adapting, and reinventing ourselves are all factors in finding our purpose and making life better.

8.      Learning to take care of our bodies as if our life depends on it is one of my personal core values. It’s a mindful practice that takes time to develop best done in small steps and stages. They become good habits with which to create a foundation of learning to be amazed by the beautiful machines that we call our bodies. Stretch, breathe, and do aerobic exercise daily. There are no rules, and no judgment is valid from others. Share this feeling and help others rise.

9.      How we feed and hydrate our bodies is paramount to good physical and mental health. In a world where processed foods are the norm, make food at home from ingredients that are recognizable. Start each meal with hydration (water) and something organic and green. Fill up on fiber and vitamins and the next calorie-laden course will be much smaller. Do this every day, ate every meal, and feel the happiness that comes when we are fueled properly.

10.  Be around people who support our lives and make us happy. Honesty is always the best policy and make sure to let those who cause trouble and complain. Knowing how to say no with clarity and distinction is the way to happiness and a life of good feelings.

Feeling good is a state of mind that we can all achieve when we believe in our right to be happy and live in our truth and authenticity. We can all become warriors for happiness when we know that it’s always alright to start feeling good!