2023 has just started and there are already some women who have come out the gate disrupting the game of entrepreneurship! Not taking no for an answer and causing new norms to be created…all while doing it their way! Statistics show that every since 1997, entrepreneurship among women is on a steady, rapid climb! According to Wikipedia, female entrepreneurs are women who run and manage an enterprise, especially a business. 

The women hand selected for this series are women who don’t mind making their presence felt no matter where they show up! They are women who know the power that resides in showing up in their communities, the importance of impacting the lives of women suffering at the hands of abuse-whether that mentally, physically, emotionally, and/or financially! They are the true definition of servitude. They believe that once a door is open, they must stop and hold it open for another woman to come through! 

Sheen had the opportunity to speak with these amazing women! Listen in…

Meet Celebrity Journalist and Philanthropist Traycee Gales

Minister Traycee Gales is a celebrity, faith and entertainment journalist who specializes in gleaning success strategies from those at the top of their game.  Her interviewing skills have helped her land interviews with Academy Award nominees, Grammy Award winners & today’s influencers who share empowering advice to help others step up and into their greatness.

Traycee is the creator of GOSPEL ACCESS, a media outlet that brings to you the testimonies of today’s ultra successful & she is author of ACCESS YOUR GREATNESS a book that shows others how to embrace their God given greatness & encourages others to go after what God has put in their heart to do in life.

Sheen: Tell the reading audience a little bit about what makes you grind as hard as you do? 

Traycee: I work, I grind as hard as I do mainly because I’ve come to the conclusion that life is brief and before you know it -it will be over.  I know that may sound a little gloomy but it’s true.  So many opportunities and gifts have been placed in my life to be a blessing to my family and others and I refuse to sit on my laurels and waste what’s been given.

Sheen: Why is quitting NOT an option?

Traycee: Quitting is not an option because if I quit I will never see what could have become of my business or my life if I would have just kept the faith and kept working.

Sheen: What is your definition of self-care? And why must every woman do it?

Traycee: My definition of self care is making sure that I keep a watchful eye on myself and adjust accordingly.  As soon as I begin to feel over worked, stressed or run down I pull back and schedule time to refresh and relax. So many women overlook signs that their body is giving them and proceed to run themselves straight into the ground taking care of family, friends , finances, etc.  Every woman MUST make self care important to them because it is critical and extremely necessary.

Sheen: What can people expect from you in 2023?

Traycee: For 2023 people can expect to see more meaningful and life changing interviews with today’s influencers.  I will also be releasing a 31 day devotional that will help those who are striving to be all that they can be.

Sheen: How can people stay connected with you?

Traycee: Staying connected with me is easy through social media.

Instagram-@ministertraycee or @gospelaccesstv

Facebook-Traycee Gales

Photo Credits: Courtesy of Traycee Gales