2023 has just started and there are already some women who have come out the gate disrupting the game of entrepreneurship! Not taking no for an answer and causing new norms to be created…all while doing it their way! Statistics show that every since 1997, entrepreneurship among women is on a steady, rapid climb! According to Wikipedia, female entrepreneurs are women who run and manage an enterprise, especially a business. 

The women hand selected for this series are women who don’t mind making their presence felt no matter where they show up! They are women who know the power that resides in showing up in their communities, the importance of impacting the lives of women suffering at the hands of abuse-whether that mentally, physically, emotionally, and/or financially! They are the true definition of servitude. They believe that once a door is open, they must stop and hold it open for another woman to come through! 

Sheen had the opportunity to speak with these amazing women! See the interview below!

 Meet Dr. Pasha Carter

Pasha started her career as an entrepreneur at the age of 23 when she took a $500 investment and turned it into a Multi-Million dollar empire. Today, she is an industry legend and one of America’s most famous and most influential leaders, ranked in the “Top 15 Female Networkers In The World” out of over 14 million women worldwide.  Pasha was invited to speak on financial literacy and wealth building at Yale University.

She was voted Business Coach Of The Year, and voted one of Dallas’ Most Powerful Women. She is the recipient of the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award from the Biden Administration. When Dr. Dennis Kimbro and The Napoleon Hill Foundation, interviewed 100 of America’s Wealthiest African-Americans for the New York Times best-seller, The Wealth Choice, Pasha was interviewed alongside, Steve Harvey, Tyler Perry, TD Jakes, and other influential leaders.

Sheen: Tell the reading audience a little bit about what makes you grind as hard as you do? 

Pasha: I want to leave this world better for my people.  My parents were very active in the Civil Rights Movement. They fought for my generation to have basic freedoms, which now allows me to focus another phase of the movement… FINANCIAL FREEDOM.  It is my duty and responsibility to teach, train, and lead the next generation of conscious millionaires.  I want to normalize Black Wealth in America.  Our kids should not have to look past the front door in order to see success.

Sheen: Why is quitting NOT an option?

Pasha: I choose to lead by example.  I teach young entrepreneurs that you must fail in order to succeed. You must be tested to have a testimony because a setback is just a set up for a come back. If I quit, it goes against everything that I teach from every stage around the world.  I don’t fear failure, I expect it.

Sheen: What is your definition of self-care? And why must every woman do it?

Pasha: Self-care is protecting my peace. I am very intentional with my time, my environment, the energy my friends bring into my space, what I listen to, and who I listen to. My office has a waterfall, a meditation area, jazz in the background, an essential oil diffuser, a tea pot with herbs, and other things that soothe my soul.  I want to serve the world from a full glass, not an empty cup.

Sheen: What can people expect from you in 2023?

Pasha: My focus in 2023 is to continue to share information and educate and empower the next generation.  I see greatness in our young people.  I know that with the right guidance, leadership, and access to resources, they can spark the flame to ignite the wealth movement in our communities.

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Photo Credits: Dr. Pasha Carter