Getting the best bridal shower gift is an excellent way to show the soon-to-be bride that you are happy for her and the future with her groom. However, choosing a perfect gift can be daunting because there are many bridal shower gift options to choose from, and you also have to pick something tailored to the guest of honor’s needs and interests or a gift that pampers her.

If you have just received an invite to your girlfriend’s bridal shower and are stuck on what gift to get her, here are 11 bridal shower gift ideas that can help you make the bride-to-be’s wedding more beautiful and memorable.

1. Jewelry dish

Give the bride-to-be a place to store her wedding and engagement diamond rings by purchasing a jewelry dish. To add a personal touch to your gift, consider engraving it with names, initials, or dates that hold a special meaning to the bride.

2. Personalized bridal robe

Whether the bride has ordered robes to be worn on the morning of the wedding or not, a bridal robe is an excellent bridal shower gift. Make your bridal robe special by embroidering it with the guest of honor’s name and the wedding date. You could also customize it with the bride’s favorite color or a color that matches the wedding palette to make your gift unique and thoughtful.

3. Photo frame

The newly married couple will likely have many pictures from their big day. Consider getting the bride-to-be a beautiful picture frame to help the couple display some of their favorite photos on the wall instead of storing them away in an album where they could collect dust. A side-by-side photo frame is a thoughtful bridal shower gift because it can allow the couple to slip their favorite picture into one side and an extra wedding invitation on the other end.

4. Passport cases and luggage tags

Give the bride’s-to-be passport an upgrade by gifting her with a classy cover. You could also purchase a matching luggage tag to make it easier to spot on the carousel during her future vacations. To make your bridal shower gift more practical and thoughtful, determine whether the soon-to-be bride intends to change her name after the wedding. You could then gift her a passport name change application form to enable her to travel under her new name.

5. Bed linen

Use the traditional bridal shower etiquette that focuses on providing the bride with supplies for her new home and gift the bride-to-be bed linen. Not only are bed linens practical. They also symbolize new beginnings and a fresh start.

6. Cookbook

Inspire the many date night dinners the newlyweds are likely to have by gifting the bride-to-be a Just married cookbook. Be sure to opt for a cookbook jam-packed with various information, including entertainment, grocery shopping, recipes, and valuable tips the couple could refer to for years.

7. Maskee

Help the bride-to-be prevent her makeup from messing the wedding gown or the wedding dress ruining the makeup by getting her a maskee. Maskees are practical and thoughtful bridal shower gifts because the bride can continue using them while preparing for date nights long after the big day.

8. Wedding hanger

Give the soon-to-be a special place to hang one of the most important dresses she will ever wear by gifting her a wedding hanger. Whether you opt for a wire or wood hanger, be sure to customize it with her name, initials, or wedding date to add a personal touch. If you have already seen the wedding dress, incorporate a bow or flower that complements the gown on the hanger.

9. Personalized cutting boards

Whether the soon-to-be bride’s chopping skills are on point or not, they will appreciate a customized cutting board. Be sure to opt for wood designs and options for personalized engraving to create a fun and unique bridal shower gift.

10. Bride’s favorite tea

If the soon-to-be bride is a tea lover, you could consider purchasing a box of her favorite tea to keep her relaxed before the wedding day. You could even get her new flavors to spark the bride’s-to-be interest and allow her to exploit her adventurous side.  Planning a wedding is demanding and exhausting, and the bride may have little or no time for herself, so a cup of her favorite tea may be all she needs to stay energized.

11. His and Hers

Shop for items labeled His and Hers, including mugs, pillow covers, and outfits, to mention a few.


Getting a bridal shower gift for a soon-to-be bride does not have to be overwhelming. Keep the bride’s needs interest in mind and familiarize yourself with the above bridal shower gift ideas to pick something