Syracuse native, Keisha Green is not only a successful business owner but she’s a woman who is known to create a powerful yet productive enviornment for her family and women around the world. In 2010, Keisha stepped out on faith and moved her family and business to Atlanta, Georgia in an effort to make her dreams come true. In 2013, Keisha faced a tragic car accident that left her as a bilateral amputee. If you thought that would slow her down, you were clearly mistaken. We caught up with Keisha to discuss how this tragic event changed her outlook on her life, business, and much more.

First off, how do you juggle being a mother of three, an author, a real estate developer, international speaker, and strategic business coach?

I believe how I balance doing all of those roles is by making myself available to do what I can do. I prepare for things and I know what I’m able to do at that time. I don’t try to put too much on myself. I try to balance it out where it makes sense. I prepare and plan for things ahead. I take time to figure out what is most important at that time and how I’m able to juggle everything while trying to have self-care time as well.

Can you tell us about your transition from Syracuse, New York to Atlanta, Georgia? Why the big move?

I decided back in 2010 that I wanted to dream bigger. I wanted more opportunities to run my own businesses. I heard Atlanta was the place for African American entrepreneurs to be able to level up and be what they wanted to be. I wanted to experience the freedom of being able to birth businesses in a place where I knew they would be successful.

Do you mind sharing the life changing accident that happened in 2013?

Back in 2013, after having a night of fun with a friend and my cousin. On the way home, we were in a tragic car accident. The guard rail came through the car and severed both my legs immediately. In that time, I realized God works miracles. Everything that the doctors were telling me, He let me know that the legs that I had were not strong enough to walk into the territory that He had for me. I had to trust in the process from there forth and see that I was a miracle. I came out of the hospital at three weeks when they said I would be there for a year. I was able to walk in eight months when they said I wouldn’t be able to walk for 18 months. I believe one of the strongest things I could’ve done after the process was realizing the prosthetics just wasn’t for me even though it was the first thing offered to me. God placed me where I was supposed to be. I just believed that I am a Legless & Wheelchair Diva.

What inspired the creation of Legless & Wheelchair Divas?

I was realizing there were so many beautiful women that were amputees and in wheelchairs and I felt like they were being overlooked. As doors and opportunities began to open for me, I thought these women were amazing and I wanted to use my platform to open the door for them and share their stories. I believe that these women’s testimonies need to be heard. I wanted them to know that they’re beautiful and amazing regardless of what their world has told them they are.

What can we expect to see from you in the future?

In the future, my coaching program the Keisha Green Elevation University will bring women together to connect and collaborate. We want to show them how to go forth in the world when situations come about unexpectedly. I’m excited about it coming about this fall. I’m extremely excited to do that and some of the things I have going on with my real estate developments. We’re going to be developing five different structures of houses that will accessible to the disabled communities.

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All images by Calvin Finkley