Q Parker, a  founding member of the Grammy award-winning  musical group, 112, has been flexing his acting muscles as of late. He was previously cast in a role in Gospel singer Deitrick Haddon’s directorial debut, The Fallen. Now he’s stepped into a thought-provoking role in the new short film, Yogurt Raisin.

From the award-winning director, Michael Cooke, and acclaimed screenwriter, William E. Roebuck Jr, the film tackles the trials that a mixed-racial group of friends faces as they evolve in a society of cultural differences and heightened racial issues.

In the 30-second film trailer clip, veteran actor Ron Fallica (Jacob), plays a middle-class white male with a fascination for Black culture. He joins four other diverse friends, including Parker (Bryant), as they celebrate the upcoming nuptials of a multi-racial marriage union.

During a bachelor-style weekend, the longtime friends are forced to confront buried conflicts that could have a tremendous impact on the stability of their friendship and the future of their lives. The film delves deeply into cultural appropriation between the group and direct conversations that are commonly tucked away amongst multi-racial friend groups.

“The goal with the film is to present a picture that is conversational and powerful, one that makes viewers reflect on the aspects of interaction, friendship, and morality,” Williams says. “No matter how long we’ve been integrated as a community, this cultural conversation still exists, and Yogurt Raisin is here to commence the discussion.”

In addition to Cooke and Williams, Anthony J. Davis of Humble Life Productions, executive produced this captivating project. As an assistant production accountant, Davis has worked on major films such as Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War, Ant-Man and STARZ’s P-Valley. Davis is also a veteran EP on the small screen, having produced the award-winning films Contamination, Aloha and Paralysis.

Stella Nova Casting served as the principal agency for the cast. They had a hand in the film Two Distant Strangers which received an Oscar in 2021 for Best Live Action Short Film.

Wesley Tunison (Eugenia & John), Trivon Howard (Death of a Salesman),  Miguel A. Lopez (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D) and William ‘Cowboy’ Reed (The Walking Dead) round out the cast along with Parker and Fallica.