“Parents push you for a college education and then be mad when you get educated and challenged their outdated belief and information.”

As the old saying goes, “family is everything, “or if you are a Disney fan like myself, my favorite Quote from the film “Lilo and Stitch.” states, “Ohana means, family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.”

Now, that could not be the most valid point when it comes to family.

However, you have to know, the art and love your family, they know how to go against the grain and utterly as my mother would say “get on your damn nerves.”

Yes, this involves cursing and insults. And eventually a divide in families which would spread through their children and so on. However, there will be a time when you will need each other and make new memories. The goal is not to wait to savage the memories and connection after someone has passed on, and individuals forget. Either the remaining pain, struggle, misunderstanding, may continue.

Family issues are hard, and the negativity spread is hotter than hot grease on a young girl scalp after getting it straightened on a Sunday Afternoon.

Regardless, it is a horrible experience, especially those who are innocent in it to begin with and those who are just to be stuck in their ways. However, there has always been a way to deal with it peacefully, especially if you are all about positive vibes and understanding!

I think I have you covered. Just read and manifest

  1. Always be Transparent about Your Boundaries

As your mother or anybody around with wisdom and common sense would tell you cannot please and assist everyone.  toxic people might not know there are indeed toxic. It would help if you did not exhaust yourself in being in a comprising position, especially when it comes to family, by being headstrong and straight to the point and dealing with intolerance.

Always know your worth and understanding your own  tolerance on what you won’t be a part of and why you can decide how far you are genuinely willing to let anyone even someone you may share DNA with disturbed your Zen and intrude on your boundaries.

  1. Remember, you do not have to enlighten. it is not your job

Do not even place a complete sentence or a verb. You do not need to explain or justify any reasons or discomfort, either they started it or not.

  1. Are you expecting change?

You cannot honestly reason with people who hold toxic traits – you just cannot. That one of the things that makes them poisonous, to begin with also, not changing their ways. When dealing with individuals like this, you must decide where you stand as individuals and save yourself. It would be best if you consider you may not be dealing with someone who wants good for you, instead of being in misery with you due to their own unhappiness.

  1. Try to find a Solution … is there is one.

When it comes to dealing with toxic people or even worse poisonous families, remember with those who have deep inclined problems before your existence can be challenging to understand. Please do yourself a favor be a fly on a wall. It is better that way, especially when their absolutely no sign of solution.

  1. Understand the toxic trait in the family

There is always a design and a pattern that people may follow unknowingly. Firstly, you will do what they want – because you do not want to be ‘irrational’ or cause more tragedy – and then they are back to be a delight and giving you just a sufficient amount of what you need to make your sojourn. The issue is that this does not survive for very long and always comes at a price. Be conscious of the consequences and use it to manufacture your boundaries on an even more compacted groundwork. If you cannot remove yourself from a relationship, understand that you are not staying because you have accepted it.