Los Angeles native, Kay Cola is known for many things. She is a singer and songwriter killing the game in the world of entertainment but she is also the CEO and founder of TheOrganiBrands – a hair care brand created to empower women around the world to love their natural hair without anything extra. Now, today, the vegan and all organic natural line is adored by many across the nation for helping people in their own personal hair care journeys. We caught up with her recently to discuss the inspiration behind her brand.

Tell us the inspiration behind creating OrganiGrow.

Founding OrganiGrowHairCo was a Universal cosmic design.  I had just gotten off of a tour, to my daughter who was begging me to straighten her hair because girls at school were teasing her for having curly hair.  I decided in order to encourage her to embrace her beautiful luscious locks I had to wear my own.  I ditched the flat iron, weaves and wigs, but found myself in a sea of toxic products that were not helping.  I decided to create something healthy for myself and children to cater to our individual porosities and textures, which did not like the coconut oil, fragrances and proteins that were offered in several popular brands.  People saw that my hair was restored from years of damage, bleach, heat and styles and asked what I was using and when I said something I created, they exclaimed, “You should sell that.” The rest is history. 

Why was it so important for you to create a vegan, 100% natural line?

There are so many reasons that it is important to create and use 100% natural products. For one, it is better for the environment. If it hurts the environment, you shouldn’t be using it on yourself and vice versa. In addition, creating clean products that I feel comfortable using on myself and my family means that I can sleep well at night knowing that I contribute more positively to the planet and to humanity. 

Do you have a personal favorite product from OrganiGrow Why is it your favorite?

I could never just pick one, but the conditioner is one of my favorites. It repairs your hair, but provides such amazing slip. My other favorite products are the face wash and moisturizer. The face wash cleans your skin without stripping it, and gets your makeoff but doesn’t leave it oily. The face moisturizer works, it’s clean, not heavy and literally gives you a glow.

What are you currently working on and what can we expect to see from OrganiGrow in 2021?

In the last year or so we have launched a new category of the site called OrganiGoLifeCo that focuses on lifestyle products like hand sanitizer, shower filters, supplements, deodorant and fitness gear that pair back to our youtube channel that now features fitness videos etc. TheOrganiBrands is becoming more than just a hair and skin company but a lifestyle that promotes clean, healthy living. In terms of new products, I am currently working on femine products that are due to launch really soon and also a vegan protein that is due to launch later this year!

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