“Caring, loving, and helper of mankind” are a few words to describe Bunny Zingler. Boasting 2.2 million followers on Instagram alone, Bunny is a model, entrepreneur, and wife to Rolling Loud co-founder Matt Zingler — here to inspire the masses and spread nothing short of vibrations to her growing fanbase.

In describing herself, Bunny states, “I’m a selfless & thoughtful person. Sometimes it runs me into some issues with people who may try to take advantage of the fact, but I know I’m doing the right thing on my part at the end of the day. I always go with my gut & move with positive & loving intentions within everything I put my heart into – relationships, work, passions etc. I pride myself on being a good wife, daughter, aunt, sister, neighbor & most importantly, listener. I’m a very compassionate person; I feel for all people on all levels. No matter what you’re going through or have been through, it’s nice to know that someone is there to listen and give support. If I could be that person, it just may serve a small purpose I have here on earth. – I have no judgmental bone in my body.”

This segues us into her passion project, Bunny’s Bae Bar, right inside the VIP section at the world’s biggest hip-hop festival Rolling Loud. Coming into fruition in 2019, attendees can come by the free activation to have experienced, and talented artists do their hairstyling – with different colors of hair extensions and accessories to add-in. Also coming in hot are the earth-friendly BIO degradable glitter makeovers and the hottest photo-ops that change throughout each show and more! Not to mention the best part, FREE tampons! “Bunny’s Bae Bar” stands as a safe space for guests to relax and enjoy themselves while also making new friends, creating memories, and continuing their adventure throughout the festival, feeling refreshed & ready to conquer with their glitter ammo.

Sheen Magazine caught up with Bunny on-site at Rolling Loud California to discuss what it means to launch her Bae Bar, spreading positive energy, being in San Bernardino, how she met her husband, and more!

What does it mean to be doing this Bae Bar once again at Rolling Loud?

When I created this whole experience, it was to bring more femininity within. I wanted to have a space to connect with our fans. The young women that attend our shows are really important to us, and I’m so excited to be able to show them just how much we care and appreciate their support. Everyone on our team back home is so supportive of Bunny’s Bae Bar – it’s hands down everyone’s favorite activation on our team. Including my husband Matt & his partner Tariq- they love being involved, BBB is always one of their top priorities. They make sure everything is operating smoothly & we have everything we need. I have so much fun putting everything together for each show and seeing how excited everyone is. BBB was targeted for the ladies of RL but indeed is for everyone to enjoy.

Has it been at every single one?

Yes. At every single one, we’ve been expanding and adding more and more to this pink planet we call it. It’s been such a hit, and I’m so excited.

How does it feel to have these lines?

I know! It’s so surreal, and it makes me emotional to see these lines. I hope everyone is having fun and is just as excited as I am. My team and I work really hard to put this all together, so when I see everyone running over for some glitter and pics, it makes me feel so warm. I love that they enjoy it, and it makes me just wanna keep making it bigger and better.

They usually charge for tooth gems. Is it free?

It’s free. Because when you’re buying a VIP ticket, I want to treat you like you’re on the red carpet of Rolling Loud. I’d never charge my Bunnies for something that we can include. I want them to feel like queens and kings. If I can do that, barter deals and pay for it myself, that’s exactly what I want to give them. BBB is my home, and when people visit my home, I like to be able to treat them with little goodies

What is your favorite part?

My favorite part is the people. I love everybody that comes in here. The vibes are so immaculate. I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing my team is. They are so sweet, kind & hardworking. This is an entirely safe space. If you’re feeling a little down or you want to have fun, you need somewhere to regroup; this is the spot. Any of my team members will be there for you & talk to you for any comfort you need. That’s exactly why I have the team that I do. We’re all the same person. I’m so thankful for them. The fans, the vibes and the whole RL family is my favorite part. The decorations in BBB come next because that’s a lot of fun to do. But the more impact I can make on the fans, the better I feel about it because I know they’re having a good time. It makes everything so worthwhile.

Can you talk about giving out free tampons?

Yes. I have free RL-branded tampons. Your menstrual is beautiful, and if she (your period, haha) wants to make her way to Rolling Loud with you as well- we got you covered. I try to have everything on deck in the BBB, so there’s no time for stress, only fun times.

And they’re Rolling Loud-branded!

Yeah, I purposely branded them pink with Bunny’s Bae Bar and Rolling Loud logos. I didn’t want it to say tampon directly. We’ve got a lot of young women who attend who may not be all too comfortable with carrying a feminine product in a clear bag around the other sex. So I try to brand it out as it could be mints or lip gloss, or something a little more discreet. Even though we should embrace it, some young women and females are not fully ready to do that yet, and in their own time, they will. That’s totally acceptable, and I support their views either way. I try to keep in mind how everyone feels when I do something more personal.

What does it mean to be in LA?

San Bernardino has been a different scene. It’s been so good, so chill. Everyone’s radiating positivity. On the site itself, the whole backdrop in the daytime is beautiful mountains. It looks so gorgeous. I got emotional looking at it. It’s snowing an hour away, so the snow on the mountains is the whole backdrop for the festival – it makes you feel grounded. It’s nice to be able to look at nature around you and feel it on your feet. See it with your eyes because I immediately feel super grounded. I’m here. I’m living. I’m looking around, and nature’s beautiful. I’m here at an amazing festival. What could ruin this?. it makes it just that much better. San Bernardino has been amazing.

What’re you most excited about next?

I’m most excited about expanding Bunny’s Bae Bar and creating even more fun things for young women and men to partake in. I love having them included in something more hands-on. I love to hear their responses. What we can add, what we can take off. Anything that they need that we don’t have, I listen to every one of their requests. That’s super important.

This could definitely be permanent! Wherever you are.

Yes! It’s been since 2019. Now we’ve started expanding, doing more creatives and really getting into it. But my first Bae Bar started in a storage unit. I set the whole thing up by myself. Girls from my high school volunteered their service at the first event because I went to trade school for cosmetology. All my girlfriends from high school were there doing hair & makeup. We were setting up glitter together and creating the vibe. It was a core memory for all of us, and it’s so astonishing to see how it’s grown from there.


All photos and images courtesy of Bunny Zingler