Bri Hall is one of today’s brightest influencers using her platform to inspire, educate, and serve looks.

From beauty YouTube tutorials to viral cosplay, Bri is a true Creator with a colorful palette. With over 1.1 million followers across all platforms, the ubertalented influencer is pushing boundaries and empowering many worldwide. While showcasing different sides of her inner self, Bri’s creative talent is unmatched landing her various work, including partnerships with Fenty Beauty, Google, and more.

With the recent launch of her “Count to Ten” podcast, Bri opens up honest dialogue about creating a safe, educational, and entertaining space that listeners can relate to. Bri and her special guests provide unique insights on complex issues such as social justice, mental health, and more. In the first episode, Bri and Keziah Dhamma (aka Swirly Curly) unpack The CROWN Act (Creating A Respectful and Open World for Naturals)—a law that forbids race-based hair discrimination which many minorities face in professional settings.

Bri talks with SHEEN about her artistic journey, life as an multi-hyphenate influencer, and her newest podcast. Check out Part 3 of the interview below!