Dr. Markey W. Pierré, DBA Vice Chancellor of External Affairs and Chief of Staff, LSU Health Sciences Center


Dr. Markey Pierré’s lifetime commitment to professional excellence, community service, and good public policy has led to substantive progress for the State of Louisiana in many areas, including K-12 and higher education, construction, health care, maritime law, and municipal government. During her 20 plus year career as a successful business owner and executive, author, motivational speaker, lobbyist, and adjunct professor, Dr. Pierré’s philosophy of inclusive leadership resulted in pioneering legislation that has had far-reaching positive consequences for generations to come. Please continue reading for more on her philosophy.


Passion fuels the soul of our creative side. What comes to mind for you, Markey?

I’m most passionate about helping bridge the gap for professional women and professional women of color in nontraditional settings.


Writing a book is a journey that requires time and attention – share what your book writing journey was like.

Over the past two decades, I’ve been afforded amazing opportunities that have placed me amongst the brightest and best in both business and politics. I’ve been so grateful, yet perplexed. It’s safe to say 95% of those years, I’ve been the only woman and/or woman of color in these environments. I’ve presented before thousands, and a face reflective of mine rarely looked back at me. This is what drives me to help my fellow ladies position themselves for success while being more than qualified in these settings.


Share what the readers can expect from picking up your book. Tell’em what the book is about and why they should grab a copy?

The Beautiful Deal is a digital resource equipping today’s modern, professional woman for conversations that require her to be confident while working to ensure all parties walk away feeling as if they have struck a deal of a lifetime. Each concept and stance builds on the next and equips any novice negotiator with strategies and expectations with great clarity and precision. It is also a resource that professionals can use to quickly address everchanging situations and remain prepared for the next meeting, contract, or salary negotiation. The Beautiful Deal is written in a way for international audiences to fully understand and comprehend.


Why is The Beautiful Deal book essential, especially now?

Now, more than ever, women are seeking guidance from an experienced mentor that has a proven track record and one that’s willing to be a resource. I’ve raised my hand to say, “Here I am .”I’ve worked to share my best tips and strategies for successful negotiations.


Who did you write this book for, and what do you want them to take away from reading it? 

I wrote this book for professional women that need to improve their presenting confidence and interpersonal & negotiation skills.


What’re some of the feedback you’ve received since publishing your book?

The feedback has been phenomenal. One comment stands out amongst the hundreds I’ve received. A woman shared how she was instantly encouraged to speak up for what she wanted and what she was worth in a way that made me more desirable for all parties in the negotiation. She knew how not to be too aggressive and dominant yet bold and confident.


What advice or tips would you like to leave the readers you intend to reach?

Yes. My top recommendation is to let go of your misconceptions before you enter any professional relationships or atmospheres.


Is there anything else you would like to share in your heart?

I would love for women from across the globe to subscribe to my blog. Each month I pour into women and provide real-time tips and encouragement for today’s culture.


How can readers get a copy of your book and connect with you?

You can purchase today at

Photos courtesy of Dr. Markey Pierré