SHEEN Magazine is about African American beauty, entertainment, and fashion, and we honor Black History every day. Thats why it was such an honor to sit down with Dallas celebrity lash tech Destiny McGill. The lash tech professional has been in the game for years. Destiny comes from humble beginnings that have made her the woman she is today. Her past didnt affect her future. Instead, it molded her to be ready for it. Destiny is a hard worker whose clientele speaks for itself. Her list of lash clientele includes Erica Campbell of Mary Mary, DJ Duffey of Basketball Wives LA, Celebrity Wardrobe Stylist Goo Goo Atkins, and many more!


Why did you decide to do lashes?

It was honestly an extension of my love for makeup and cosmetics. I loved, learned, perfected, & monetized. I continue to repeat that process with the Vanity Vixens in mind. The Lash industry is ever-evolving, and I have to keep current. I thoroughly enjoy making women look great! You can go from sleep and not prepared to looking beautiful and feeling more confident.

2020 was the start of a worldwide pandemic, but also there was a huge increase in young entrepreneurs. So what is some advice you can give being an entrepreneur yourself?

Hopefully, as an entrepreneur, you love what youre doing first. Secondly, learn it. Study it. Next, perfect it! Make whatever your process is exclusive to you if thats better customer care, in my case, longer lasting adhesive and a cleansing process for better eye health and skincare around the eye. Lastly, MONETIZE that thing! Stay consistent. Support and promote yourself authentically, and others will follow. Do it with everything you have!

Destiny also wants to inform readers that you have no limits. No words can cripple your self-confidence. Put that time in and grind! She expresses that when you dream it, write it, and envision it!


What has been the worse downfall that you have bounced back from?

Whew! There are many ups and downs in life. When you are a wife, mom, daughter, and business owner, people are leaning on you in your down moments. The worse was the sudden loss of my brother. While having children with health issues and a spouse whose work is global and gets called out of the country often, handling all of that was hard! My resilience and ability to bounce back are ALL GOD.

The celebrity lash tech opened up to SHEEN and expressed aside we werent expecting. Dealing with loss is never easy, but Destiny did this with no help or words of encouragement from family. She was told to work a 9-5 like everyone else and finish her degree. She expresses that pressing forward took her a long way. If your dreams arent important to you, then what are you dreaming for?

What are some future celebrity clients you can see yourself working with in the future? 

Id love to work with Ciara, Issa Rae, Meagan Good, Janet Jackson, Oprah. All women succeeding in their industries!

What keeps you going every day?

My purpose keeps me going. I desire to see others heal from their traumas and persevere until they reach their destiny! I wanna see us all win.


If you are in Dallas and looking to get your lashes done, be sure to check out Vanity Life Studio. Destinys resume doesnt stop at celebrity lashes. She has created a Beauty In Business Brunchon its third induction. This years brunch will be held in New Orleans, LA, during the Essence Festival 2022! For more updates and information, be sure to follow her on Instagram: