The dictionary defines motherhood as the state of being a mother. The action of being opens us up to vulnerability, compassion, dedication, and effort. Not only is motherhood a unique journey but being a girl mom is an even greater challenge in today’s world. Our parenting efforts shape and mold our girls like clay in our hands.  “Being a girl mom is an awesome journey full of fun twists and turns. It’s never the same each day!,” Kristi Guillory Reid shares. So it’s no surprise that Kristi Guillory Reid decided to share her girl mom experience through the new children’s book anthology called Dear Daughter: A Celebration Of Love.

This new book collaboration encompasses letters from girl moms to daughters worldwide in order to engage and uplift them. Kristi is one of the five amazing authors who are sharing this experience through self-publishing. As a lawyer, Kristi often advocates for others in the legal system, but motherhood requires daily advocacy and some lack the needed support. This anthology is her follow-up literature title to her previously published book, Harper Counts Her Blessings.

“I would like to uplift and inspire. I want anyone who reads my words to feel a sense of encouragement and know that they can accomplish their dreams,” says Kristi on her writing goals. Here’s what Kristi Guillory Reid shared about her writing journey, new collaboration, and her definition of motherhood:

What inspired your writing journey? 

“There isn’t one pivotal moment for me, but I think my love of writing is part of who I am. I have always loved to write. For me, it starts with a love of meeting people and learning their stories. We all have something to learn from each other, and once we recognize our commonality, we can learn to understand and respect each other.”


What does motherhood mean to you?  “Motherhood means vulnerability. Having a child means that you are open to the world in a new way. You see things differently and you are affected by things differently. Motherhood also means being more flexible in my thoughts and words. Children will force you to think about what you say and being a mom has forced me to re-examine how I thought I felt about certain things. One prime example is that I always said that I would never wear matching Mother-Daughter outfits but now I have actually gotten into this trend!”


Why was it important for you to inspire young girls through this picture book collaboration?  

“At this time in history, we are experiencing a once in a lifetime pandemic and things look so bleak for young girls. Young girls are struggling with mental health issues and we are still in a period of racial unrest. This is why it is critical that young girls see a light at the end of the tunnel and know that they are valued; they can do anything; and they are beautiful no matter what someone tells them.”

Kristi Guillory Reid is a transformative agent of words, love, litigation, and passion. Her efforts are paving the way for many to restore their hopes, dreams, and community. Purchase your copy of Dear Daughter: A Celebration Of Love today! Follow Kristi online by visiting: 

Writer, C. Scott, is a mompreneur, authorpreneur, MSW, and blogger. Follow her online as @curls_coils. 

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