“Black excellence to me is paying homage to the past and knowing that the future is filled with promise.”- Akim Wilson

  Who made a Akim Wilson, is changing the fashion industry by incorporating the message of black excellence. For 10 years Wilson has been inspired to create fashionable pieces for the culture. She includes staple pieces in her collection that include leaders in the community and strong foundational verbiage to affirm. Her pieces replicate her heart for the culture she loves so much, she says,

“If not me then who? it’s important for me to be able to be a carrier of the culture and showcase us in excellence. When I get into a creative space I think about what the culture needs and what I want to see the culture represent through fashion and apparel. It’s honestly a joy to be creative.”

Black designers are known to make a mark and leave a legacy. Wilson is making it her business to plant seeds that are rooted for the community. Her mission is to showcase the goodness of black culture to the world and be a martyr for people to see to just how creative the culture is, she says, 

“Soulseed was birthed from what the fashion industry was missing. I wanted to incorporate true visions of black excellence, honest words of inspiration, and a brand that would make the culture proud. I didn’t want to create a brand that had no meaning, I wanted to create something that would make the culture want to not only buy but wear close to their heart. I wanted people to know that their investment when purchasing from my brand is rooted in good ground.”

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