One composer is doing the unthinkable. Composer Primous Fountain is putting together a 15-city national tour comprised exclusively of his music, and it will be the first ever in history. Did I say this national tour would be exclusively of the composer’s music? Oh yes, I did. Now tell me if that is not music to your ears. Primous’ music is forever evolving, as it is magnificent and provokes the deepest of feelings and emotions one can create and experience through music. Primous Fountain would love to have your support in bringing the world his music through his national tour.

Primous has spoken of how beloved friend and collaborator, Arthur Mitchell choreographed a ballet to his music, Manifestations, at the Dance Theater of Harlem. He has also spoken about Quincy Jones, an early patron and mentor, who commissioned his Second Symphony. Given the strong support he has received from friends in the past, I was curious to know how his friends feel about his work and the national tour. Here is what a few of them had to say. Karlya Shelton-Benjamin, a principal dancer who studied with Arthur Mitchell at the Dance Theatre of Harlem, said that “His music is brilliant.” Rahmlee Michael Davis, trumpeter, composer, arranger, producer, and one of the members of Earth, Wind and Fire not to mention a longtime friend, described him as “anointed, dedicated and disciplined, he is a genius.” Delano OBanion, conductor, and classical singer and longtime friend stated “Primous is one of the top composers in this century. Al Kipp writer and longtime friend, said “I am glad to hear about the tour.” Joel Hall, dancer, described Primous as “a composer who is very gifted and blessed with his gift and who has performed incredible work.” Timothy Goosby a lifelong friend said, “I appreciate his music.”

In a recent interview, we caught up with Composer Primous Fountain to know more about the composer’s 15-city national tour.

What is the national tour all about?

This is a symphony orchestra that will tour giving concert performances comprised entirely of my music in 15 cities through the USA,   from New York City to Los Angeles. There will be 80 musicians traveling in the orchestra.

Why is having a national tour of your music important in this day and age?

“We create great hip-hop music, great pop music, great soul music, great jazz, … but we also create great symphonies.” by Primous Fountain

 What makes this national tour special?

The Primous Fountain national tour will be the first time in world history that a symphony orchestra will travel performing the music of only one composer—myself, Primous Fountain.

When will the national tour take place?

As soon as money is raised to cover the tour budget of the tour, we will have that money to rent the 15 concert halls and be able to make the concert schedule.

After the money is raised to cover the budget for the tour, I would like the tour to begin as soon as the 15 concert halls can be rented and the concerts scheduled for those dates. Because we will be traveling to so many cities across the USA, the logistics have to be worked out for our traveling from one city to another with 80 musicians, conductor, assistants, documentary crew, and we cannot forget the composer, myself. how many days between concerts, etc. It is a large, interesting project. I’d like the concert to take place the following season or at the earliest date after money is raised.

Do you feel your music can make a difference in the world today?

I think my music can speak to the common people and the regular concertgoers because I am among them. I think the average person can relate to me and the life I lived and live, and this will open them up to my work, as we have a common mission. This project is outside of the establishment, as the establishment has been letting me know that I am an outsider too (the composer laughs here), and I think there is something about this that is expressed in my music as well, that the average person can hear in the music, and feel and identify with as well.

 Who will be the conductor for the national tour?

The conductor for the tour … Gheorghe Musea, who is a cultural icon for the country of Moldova. He has appeared on his country’s national postage stamp. He had devoted a lot of time preparing and conducting a concert of entirely of my music in his country. Later, he invited me back to feature the premiere of the performance of my Seventh Symphony at an international music festival in his country. He again gave a wonderful performance with his orchestra. He has shown unceasing support and appreciation of my music. He has continued to display an uncanny insight into my music, and our communication has been marked with warmth and respect for each other. All of this has all led to him and me together having a fire inside of each of us to put on this—what we know will be a historic event.

Who is the symphony orchestra that will play in the national tour?

The National Symphony Orchestra of ‘Teleradio—Moldova’ will be the orchestra on the tour. The orchestra was put together and established just for Mustea to be a conductor and permanent music director, which he has done for 25 years since the conception of the orchestra.

(Teleradio is used because the orchestra is part of the national television and national radio of Moldova as well as giving many live concerts).

How can people contact you if they are interested in helping or supporting the national tour?

This is a big event, and all support and investors are welcome. Please reach out to me via email,

If you are interested in supporting or becoming an investor for the 15-city national tour, please reach out To learn more about Composer Primous Fountain, visit