Winter is here, the season of snowy landscapes, cozy fireplaces, and tempting hot chocolates — and some frosty inconveniences. Cold weather may bring unwanted guests, like dry skin, seasonal blues, or even a slower metabolism.

With the right products and services in your corner, winter’s challenges have nothing on you! We’ve rounded up must-have essentials to fend off the seasonal snags, help you embrace the chill, and make your winter not just bearable but enjoyable.

Whether you’re looking to boost your skin, brighten your mood, or revamp your diet during this frosty season, there’s a solution here for you.

1. Hone Health: Protect Yourself Through the Winter

Photo Source: Hone Health

Men have unique health needs, especially during the more extreme weather conditions in the winter. To take care of your body and mind, Hone Health is the men’s health platform you’ll want to turn to for all your seasonal health needs.

This all-encompassing go-to tool for men’s health has been tailored to help you understand and manage your wellness, both physically and mentally. Promoting increased focus, more energy, efficient metabolism, and better strength, the platform acts as your personal guide towards powerful and proven clinical results.

Unlike generic healthcare platforms, it uses in-depth, at-home biomarker testing alongside one-on-one physician consults to optimize your hormones through mindfully selected medications. The ability to live longer and better is at your fingertips, and you can do it all from the comfort of your home. No need to face the winter chill — just sit back, relax, and enjoy your better health.

2. Mito Red Light: Banish Winter Blues

Photo Source: Mito Red Light

Keep the winter blues away by embracing red light therapy from Mito Red Light. Red light therapy helps you elevate your wellness in the season when you need it most. This high-tech solution uses specific wavelengths of red light to improve skin health, stimulate hair growth, speed wound healing, reduce pain, and more.

A bit of quality time with this therapeutic light can stimulate the powerhouse of your cells — the mitochondria. This leads to increased collagen production (goodbye, winter skin concerns!), reduced inflammation, and even an elevated mood. We’re talking about improved sleep quality, better focus, and overall well-being.

This winter, you’ll be able to bask in the rejuvenating light at your home with a hot cocoa in hand and your favorite tunes in the background. Let Mito Red Light illuminate the cold.

3. Prolon: Meet Your Resolutions This Winter

Winter can wreak havoc on your skin, your mood, and your dietary habits. The combination of cold, dry air outside and hot, dry air inside can lead to flaky, drying skin, while the general chilliness and lack of sunlight can decrease our vitamin D levels and contribute to those wintertime blues. On top of all that, we’re coming out of the holiday season, a time when most of us have indulged a bit more than we’d like on all those sweet treats. Prolon’s fasting mimicking diet (FMD) can make all the difference as you battle these winter challenges.

Fasting (avoiding food), which has been used for centuries to help heal and repair the body, could help you improve your mental health this winter (and some of the other struggles we mentioned, too). What if we told you that you didn’t actually have to avoid food in order to reap the benefits of fasting?

After even just one cycle of Prolon (that’s five days of following their specifically formulated version of the FMD), 77% of users felt more in control of their health. Studies also show that users experience an increase in self-esteem and an improvement in mental focus.

Aesthetically speaking, if this cold weather has been making your skin feel dry and rough due to the harsher weather conditions, younger-looking skin may be within your reach. Prolon provides you with precisely formulated plant-based foods that don’t set off your nutrient-sensing pathways. This allows a process called autophagy to occur so that we can clean up old and malfunctioning cells. Participants following FMD (even after just one cycle) noticed a 25% increase in skin hydration, with noticeably visible signs of improved skin texture and reduced fine lines, as well.

Prolon can also be helpful in slimming down if you’ve been treating yourself a little more in the cold weather. This nutrition program has been shown to reduce trunk and visceral fat, and one study in 2017 even showed an average weight loss of 5.7 pounds after just one cycle.

Through the power of innovative science, Prolon’s fasting mimicking diet (FMD) is just what you need to breeze through the frosty season in good health.

4. BUBS Naturals: Find a Cold Weather Companion

Photo Source: BUBS Naturals

This magical season is filled with beauty and festivities, but it can be unkind to your skin. As temperatures drop, our skin often reacts by becoming dry and dull. Thankfully, BUBS Naturals is here to rescue your complexion from winter’s icy grip with its collagen peptides powder. Consider this your new secret weapon in maintaining skin radiance even in the harshest weather.

Collagen is a key protein in our body that heavily influences our skin, helping to keep it hydrated and elastic. The collagen powder from BUBS Naturals is sustainably farmed, highly digestible, and dissolves like a charm in your beverage of choice. By incorporating it into your daily routine, you’re equipping your skin with the tools it needs to combat winter’s icy impact.

Now, you can enjoy the snowy vistas and the chilly carol-filled air without compromising on your skin health. With BUBS Naturals’ collagen peptides powder, it’s time to bring on the winter glow, one scoop at a time.

5. Factor: Enjoy the Coziest Winter Meal

There’s something eternally comforting about a hot, hearty meal on a freezing winter day. But who says you need to spend hours in the kitchen or brave the cold to go grocery shopping to enjoy the luxury of a delicious meal? Factor’s prepared meal delivery service is here to warm your winter days with goodness delivered right to your doorstep.

Replace meal prep stress with a range of chef-prepared, nutritionally balanced, and yummy meals from Factor. From cozy classics to exotic mains, there’s a delightful dish catering to every palate and dietary requirement.

This winter, wind down your day with a bowl of warming chili or tuck into a hearty cassoulet while the snow softly blankets your surroundings. That’s the charm Factor brings to your winters: culinary adventures without the fuss of prep work.

With Factor’s meals at your service, you are all set to embrace the chill in the tastiest way possible!

6. Sunmed: Rub Away the Chill


Photo Source: Sunmed

Fast winds and icy temperatures can cause more than red noses and chapped lips. Winter can often invite unwelcome body aches and stiffness, which can make it difficult to stay active. One of our favorite products gathering momentum in the wellness world is Sunmed’s CBD cream 1000mg, a little marvel that’s here to help you rub away your winter discomfort.

This potent cream harnesses the natural anti-inflammatory properties of CBD, a compound derived from hemp plants, providing much-needed relief from aches and stiffness brought on by the winter freeze. Just a touch of this high-quality CBD cream can cool and soothe your skin, leaving you feeling relaxed and comfortable.

Use it post your winter workout or following a long day of navigating icy sidewalks. The swift relief it provides will allow you to truly enjoy winter’s charm. Don’t let aches and pains stop you from enjoying the season. With Sunmed’s CBD cream, embrace the cold with confidence and comfort.

7. Pura: Take a Breath of Fresh Air

Winter tends to steer us indoors with its icy drafts and frost-covered windows — so we have fewer opportunities to breathe in the outdoor air. Brighten your indoor retreat with Pura’s diffuser, and infuse your home with a breath of fresh, aromatic air no matter what the weather’s like outside.

With an array of scents to choose from, the Pura diffuser allows you to create a heartwarming ambiance right in your living room. Looking to uplift your mood on a dreary winter day? Opt for citrus scents. Want a relaxing environment for a cozy evening in? Lavender has you covered.

The Pura diffuser fills your home with fragrances from your favorite brands like Anthropologie and Capri Blue, creating an atmosphere where your space is an aromatic haven.

When outside air seems like a distant memory, Pura’s diffuser provides solace from the winter chill. Surrounded by comforting and uplifting scents, enjoy your beloved season inside with an enhanced sense of jubilance and warmth.

8. Herbaly: Sip on Wellness

Photo Source: Herbaly

What’s winter without curling up under a plush blanket, reading a good book, and sipping on a steaming cup of herbal tea? When you pick up Herbalys herbal supplements and teas, this cozy image isn’t just comfortable — it’s also great for you! Keep the winter blues away with Herbaly’s thoughtful and enriching blends.

Packed with potent herbs, Herbaly’s product lineup of functional teas, sweeteners, liquid extracts, and more can help support your skin, boost your mood, and even improve your overall wellness. Plus, Herbaly also offers aromatherapy, capsules, and topicals, so you can find a holistic approach to wellness that really works for you!

With a blend of nature and science at their core, these little helps equip you to face winters with renewed vigor. It’s time to say cheers to your health with a hot cup of Herbaly’s herbal tea or one of their other delicious herbal products.

9. Snif: Squeeze Out Some Springtime

Photo Source: Snif

We often associate winter with the scent of pine trees, cinnamon, and freshly baked cookies. But what if you could break tradition and add a whiff of summer’s citrusy cheer to your gloomy days? Snif brings a little springtime to your winter wonderland with its invigorating citrus perfume.

This lively fragrance brings a fruit salad of creamsicle, grapefruit, and lime zest to your fragrance line-up, capturing the spirit of a sun-drenched orchard and providing an energizing contrast to winter’s chilly demeanor.

Citrus scents are also famed for their mood-boosting properties, able to inspire positivity and reduce stress. With Snif’s citrus perfume on your pulse points, you’ll carry a cloud of joy with you, warding off winter blues and bringing in a burst of much-needed sunshine.

10. Black Girl Vitamins: Empower Winter Wellness

Photo Source: Black Girl Vitamins

Taking on these chilly challenges requires inner strength, resilience, and a robust immune system. Addressing the specific nutritional needs of Black women, Black Girl Vitamins offers an effective way to bolster wellness throughout the colder months with their Black women’s vitamins

From immunity-supporting Vitamin C and D3 to mood-boosting B vitamins, these supplements even boast vital nutrients such as iron and zinc. They’re ideal for comprehensive women’s health support and for helping you to look and feel your best throughout every season.

Whether you want to maintain radiant skin despite the winter dryness or keep energy levels high amidst the gloomy weather, Black Girl Vitamins gives you the tools you need to be your best self all winter long. Recognize your power, embrace wellness, and equip your immune system to fight back at the winter malaise with Black Girl Vitamins.

11. Olipop: Pop, Fizz, Health

When the chill sets in and we slip into comfort, our diets often follow suit. But how about introducing some fun and fizz into your winter diet routine? That’s right, we’re talking about Olipop’s prebiotic soda!

Packed with gut-friendly prebiotics, this soda offers the perfect mix of yummy flavors and health helpers. Thinking about grabbing a soda to pair with your favorite winter movie? Why not substitute it with a choice that satisfies your palate and supports your gut health? Olipop’s prebiotic soda is a winner on all fronts.

Enjoying the pop and tang of a soda without the guilt of unhealthy choices sounds like a winter wonderland to us. Pop open a can of Olipop’s prebiotic soda, and say cheers to gut health!

12. HelloFresh: The Secret Ingredient to a Stress-Free Winter

Do you dread the thought of driving in the snow to go grocery shopping? Let HelloFresh’s meal delivery kit save the day. Think of it as a treasure chest filled with fresh ingredients, curated recipes, and endless possibilities. Each box tells a story, from the bustling fish markets of the Mediterranean to the spice-infused streets of Mumbai.

With HelloFresh at your door, planning meals is no longer a chilly chore. They offer varied meal options to cater to your tastes and dietary needs. Curl up with a hearty stew or pasta in front of the fire, and enjoy a warm dinner instead of braving the cold.

Light those candles, put on some music, and cook up a storm from the cozy comfort of your kitchen, all thanks to HelloFresh.

13. TruHeight: Vital Vitamins for Growth

While we focus on protecting our children from the cold and flu, we can overlook the importance of certain vitamins that contribute to height growth in toddlers, kids, and teenagers. The good news is that growth and development can be supported with the right quantity and mix of certain essential vitamins, like the ones in TruHeights shakes and gummies!

TruHeight is a scientifically-developed formula that promotes bone growth, healthy development, and more through a clinically proven mixture of height growth essentials like zinc, calcium, vitamin D, and ashwagandha.

Funnily enough, a lot of these helpful macro and micro nutrients are also game changers when it comes to winter wellness. Vitamin D is a must when sunny days are few and far between, and ashwagandha reduces stress, which tends to pop up if our mental health is suffering during these darker months.

Pediatrician recommended and loved by parents, add TruHeight to the menu this winter, and see all the ways your kids can grow!

14. Sunrise Sensations: Let There Be Light

Winter’s charm comes with downsides, like shorter days, longer nights, and a lack of the invigorating sunshine our bodies need to thrive. Instead of booking the first flight to Bali, let Sunrise Sensations brighten your days with their innovative sun lamp.

Designed to mimic natural sunlight, the Sunrise Sensations sun lamp fosters warmth and light in your living spaces without any of the harmful UV rays. It’s like capturing daylight in a lamp, offering a sunny retreat even on the coldest, cloudiest mornings.

Use it for a few minutes a day and see its transformative effects on your mood, sleep cycle, and overall well-being. It can even help you combat seasonal affective disorder (SAD), promoting happiness and productivity.

There’s no need to succumb to the winter gloom! Illuminate your home with Sunrise Sensations’ sun lamp, bringing a ray of positivity and energy to each winter day. Let there be light!

15. Calm: Breathe in Tranquillity With a Meditation App

When the busy holiday season is over, and you’re trading sleigh bells for snow shovels, it’s important not to lose sight of your mental wellness. Calm’s innovative meditation app is a pocket-sized sanctuary, guiding you to inner peace with just a few taps on your screen.

This engaging app is a powerhouse of serene content, with guided meditations, soundscapes, and mindfulness exercises, all curated by experts to help you find calm in the winter hustle. If you’re battling seasonal blues or just seeking a peaceful end to a long day, the app has a range of resources tailored to your needs.

Craving quiet contemplation amid snowy landscapes? Try their nature-inspired soundscapes. Looking for a peaceful night’s sleep following a hectic day? These sleep stories will become your favorite lullaby. Then, their daily mindfulness exercises can help you cultivate a consistent meditation practice, building tranquil habits that will persist long after the frost has melted.

Grab a steaming cup of cocoa, get comfy, and let Calm make your winter a little more, well, calm!

Kick Your Winter Woes to the Curb

Surviving winter is no small feat, but it can be a season of wellness and joy with the right products by your side. From a men’s health platform tailored to your winter needs to the uplifting aroma of citrus perfume, every essential item contributes to a merrier, brighter winter.

After all, winter isn’t just about survival. It’s the season of magic, mystery, and miracles, and you deserve a frolic in the snow.

Seasons change, but these products will help to keep you feeling healthy and happy, keeping winter woes at a safe distance. Now that’s what we call warming up to winter!