Fashion influencer Rajel is stepping up and ready to take her place on the thrown as one of the reigning queens in the fashion and entertainment industry. Rajel recently sat down with Sheen Magazine to discuss dating rapper Boosie, her acting career and being an entrepreneur. 

SHEEN: Where are you originally from?

Rajel:  New Orleans, Louisiana 

SHEEN:What made you decide to get in to the fashion and entertainment industry? 

Rajel: I always wanted to be an actress since I was 15 , I always loved theater. Fashion kinda creeped up on me, I started getting dressed up to feel good and made it a part of my everyday lifestyle.

SHEEN: Who are some of your favorite designers? 

Rajel: I don’t have a specific designer I guess because I’m not really a materialistic person I just enjoy dressing up in fly clothes.

SHEEN : Ten years ago did you see yourself doing what you’re currently doing? 

Rajel: Yes I always dreamed to be an actress and a model . I would always look at different models on magazine and said I want to be like them.

SHEEN: You’ve been open and honest about having your body surgically enhanced. What have you had done? Would you do it all over again if you had the chance? 

Rajel:  Yes I will most definitely . I’ve had lipo with breast implants and I recently had my implants removed. Honestly I love my body now and if I needed to do it again I would do it.

SHEEN: You’re currently dating dating someone who makes a lot of noise in the industry, how hard has it been to establish your own identity outside of a high profiled relationship? 

Rajel:  It’s been kind of a struggle because when people see me they know me as “Boosie girlfriend” which I love but outside of that I’m working hard on my own identity . I want the world to know me as Rajel and not just Boosie girlfriend.

SHEEN:  In edition to being a fashionista and an influencer, you’re also an actress, what projects have you been involved in?

Rajel:  I’ve been in a few project I did the hit tv series ” The Game”  a movie called Kiss The Bride , My Struggle and also Where’s MJ

SHEEN:  With being an influencer comes the task of constantly creating some type of content, what are some ways you stay organized to help maintain consistency?

Rajel: Everyday I get up and Pray . I write everything down on my calendar to keep me organize .  

SHEEN: What’s next for Rajel? 

Rajel:  I just launched my own edge glaze called ” baby bangs edge glaze ” I’m super excited about that I love edges ! I also love acting so I’m currently auditioning for more roles in films. I’m in process of growing my brand and in the future opening a beauty bar .

SHEEN:  What’s three things you want people to remember you for? 

Rajel: My personality, style and me just being me lol.

Well we certainly know this beauty is well on her way and we look forward to seeing her on billboards, big screens, and so much more.