Baby, this is Keke Palmer, out today, Keke Palmer shares how taking mushrooms changed her life, that one time she “met” her ancestors, her advice for a bad trip, and why she would never partake at Disneyland.

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As more and more people are becoming curious about mushrooms and microdosing, Keke – alongside best-selling author Michael Pollan – is an open book on the good and the bad, as well as the insights and self-love she gained from her experience.

  • Mushrooms made Keke really love herself and brought her closer to her ancestors 10:50- 12:50
    • “It really made me love myself so much. And I remember looking in the mirror and being like, ‘You are absolutely gorgeous.’ I remember it was to the point where I was like yo girl, you gotta calm down because I was looking at myself like, ‘Damn, I never really knew that you were this beautiful.’
    • I was looking at myself like, ‘You are gorgeous. You are beautiful, and you are profound. You are gonna continue to survive and thrive and keep telling your story, girl, and keep processing creatively and just know that you are on the path.’
    • I was just encouraging myself and then my friend looked at me, my friend started tearing up and he’s like, ‘I see your ancestors. This is exactly why you who you are. They all are living through you and they all are sending you the messages.’
    • Like they’re all sending you the message and that’s why you feel so much, but you are releasing and when you’re releasing, you’re telling their story. Yes, and all I thought about was, this is why I did Alice. Y’all, it was great. I was literally living my best life at this moment and like, you know what?
    • I came outta there feeling like I was closer to myself, you know, that I was just reminded that I’m on the right path, you know, things that I really kind of always knew, but – the way that it impacted me in that moment, it was just so clear…. I felt on a spiritual level that God was like, girl, yeah, yeah, girl. It was literally the coolest thing… so that was my magical experience.
  • How mushrooms helped her realize why she loves acting 9:37-10:47
    • “And my good [experience], and my bad experience, both taught me something, but I’ll tell you about the good experience I remember.
    • And I wanna be able to put it into words because a lot of times what comes to you is not in words – it’s in feeling. You know what I mean? It’s something that puts you at peace in feeling. But one of the things that I realized was that, I think it was when I realized that like so much of what my gift is, is my defense mechanism in dealing with life.
    • And the reason why I love characters is because they allow me to escape and to project all the different emotions and worries that I feel about having to exist as this emotional human being. I’m so, I’m so reactive and I’m so sensitive to everything that my way of dealing and coping is what we call my “Keke Palmer Entertainment.”
    • …And I started thinking about, “Turnt Up with the Taylors,” like me playing all those characters. That was all therapy for me and how I processed humanity, like my characters, and I remember just crying, being like, I’m trying to survive.”
  • Best advice for a bad trip, and how Keke’s experience helped her gain control of her life 26:22-27:12
    • “I’ve heard of the concept of bad trips where it’s like, oh my gosh, the alien came in, swooped me up and ate me, or, you know, something that’s extremely graphic – that hasn’t been my experience.
    • It’s been more so, like you said, a challenging trip… this is probably the most powerful lesson that I had learned in, in my own experience, is that it doesn’t actually have to be, anything that I don’t want to make it. That I actually have control over the perception of how I choose to feel about something.
    • And so once I got out of it and I had like a day or two to really kind of process everything that I had went through, or realize, it really made me feel more empowered about what I could actually control with my thoughts, with my experience and how I wanted to feel about where I was and when I was, and it just really made me feel more actually in control of my life.”
  • Keke’s thoughts on doing psychedelics at Disneyland 52:13-52:42
    • “No drugs at Disneyland, child.  I’ve had a time, I’ve had an experience of truth doing the whole, “Oh, we’re at Disney and this is some good time to do some shit like this.”
    • No, it’s not. I think it’s all too much, it’s chaotic, the energy, too. I also don’t love people, so being around a lot of people doing something, it’s just… Now, if I was at Disneyland alone, you know, me and a very close friend, if I was on some I had the whole park to myself type gag. Then maybe.”

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