It’s not often you receive the gift of knowledge from a powerhouse businesswoman, but when you do – you LISTEN. Gain key advice from Insurance Agent, Author, and Philanthropist, Sherry Devouse-Dennard in this exclusive interview.

How does it feel being a business women especially in this generation? 

Quite frankly it feels amazing!  I stand proud and boldly on the shoulders of women who blazed a trail before me who made it possible.  Too many great women to name but I feel it my responsibility to pay it forward and continue building on their work.
What motivates you the most to continue pushing your dreams as a top priority? 

I’m motivated and inspired by all the great Women entrepreneurs who balance being the CEO of successful companies, leaders in the community, and leaders in their households.  I draw on their strengths and energy to continue to strive for greater!
What mindset do you feel is necessary when entering the field of business?

Stay positive always!  Never forget that we serve an awesome God who wants to see us win!  Jeremiah 29:11.

What are some personal tips that you can give to the up and coming women of business? 

Dream BIG!  Pray boldly and put things in motion!  Don’t settle for basic and bet on you!  Set realistic expectations when you are building and stay the course!

As a women first, what would you say is the most important when becoming your own boss?

Master your chosen craft! Remain coachable and humble even as the leader and be open to constructive criticism to evolve and grow.