The year of 2023 is flying by and I can’t believe we are now in the month of April.

We are in the season of Spring but the weather has been so Unpredictable.
In the morning we might have on our jackets, no jacket at lunch and by night it’s cold again.
 Life can be Unpredictable as well.  April is recognized as National Stress Awareness Month.
What is stress?
Stress is our response in a difficult situation we feel we have little or no control over. One thing I’ve learn to first be honest with ourselves that we are in a stressful situation. Your body knows when it gets to a point of too much to handle.
There’s so many situations or issues that can cause stress..
Unknown health problems
Family issues
Population growth
Rising cost of living
Cyber bullying
Peer pressure
Feeling a Lack of purpose
Stress can have an affect on you mentally and physically.
What can help you in stressful situations?
Here’s just a few thoughts..
Don’t wait for sick days take wellness days off just to rest.
Treat yourself to a good massage or just take a moment to meditate and get your mind at peace.
Take a vacation.
Open up and talk to someone as needed.
Step out and follow your dreams.
But most of all take care of yourself.
Your life is irreplaceable!
Photo Credits: Melissa Wade