PARTY LIKE WE GROWN” was written by Tanji Emmeni and Carez Harris and produced by Ronald “Slack” Jefferson. “Party, is a song I feel everyone can enjoy. It’s one of those records that just makes you move no matter who you are. The “old-school” vibes of the track pairs perfectly with the “new age” lyrical and vocal performance of the group. The mix of the two makes the track fun for all ages,” mentions SHILO. “We wanted to make a song for people of all ages to listen and dance to, plus we pay homage to a great,” the group adds.

In the coming weeks, SHILO will embark on a “PARTY LIKE WE GROWN” promotional tour in support of the new single. “Partying Markets” includes; Atlanta, New Orleans, Charlotte, Charleston, Dallas, Houston, Shreveport and Washington DC, just to name a few.



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Like many other talented boy bands before them (e.g., Jagged Edge, Jodeci, Boyz II Men, and Dru Hill), The Louisiana-based R&B group Shilo has spent years honing their craft and growing together. They’ve won the hearts and support of their hometown and are on a serious mission to win the hearts of the nation and ultimately the world. They are Demontrell “Carez” Harris, Jerhaime “Oli” Walls, Dominique “Lil Kelly” Kelly, and Kaderrek “Duan” McCoy.

Through humble beginnings, the group formed and decided to create music and perform together at a very young age. “I met Duan in high school. Everyone was saying there was someone who could sing better than me, and I wanted to know who it was. We later met in the hallway or at lunch or something like that and we’ve been cool ever since,” I met Lil Kelly through social media. I saw him singing and doing his thing with people I knew, and Duan told me we needed to link up with him. I spoke with him at the mall and then hit him up on Facebook and I later met Oli through our manager Tanji,” Carez says.

Through the insight of producer Ron “Slack” Jefferson and manager Tanji Emmeni the guys joined forces and became the newly revamped Shilo. Through their collective talent for writing and producing different styles and subject matter, music magic happened. The guy’s sultry sexy but fresh voices just melt and roll into already hot lyrics and tracks.

“I like the music and everything but I love the reaction that comes from performing. I want to connect with the crowd the way that people like Michael Jackson, Usher, The Temptations can do. I’ve always liked the reaction people gave us. I love how the crowd reacts,” Duan says.
Geared up with new music and a growing following, Shilo is ready to continue showing off their amazing style and sound which makes them stand out from the crowd with their summer anthem, “Party Like We Grown”, he says. “The song came about by just wanting to make feel-good music. We wanted to make something for grown people and party without the b.s. We wanted a feel-good song where you could turn up with your guys and your girl. Just to do you,” Carez says.

With the ups and downs that come with being a part of a group, Shilo stays grounded by working together and being natural friends.
“We keep the peace because we gravitate to each other naturally. We all get along. We are all down to try something new and not just focused on one thing,” Lil Kelly says. Though Shilo is ready to take the summer with a new club banger, They want fans everywhere
to know that there’s a deeper purpose in their music. “We want people to know that you’re not whatever you’re going through and you’re not going through it alone. There could be someone a thousand miles away, across the country going through the same thing you’re going through. We want people to get that through our music as well,” Oli says.

Through years of perfecting their craft and artist development Shilo is groomed for success in the music industry but they are still just southern gents living their purpose. They are grateful, appreciative, and ready to capture new fans.