Last week America celebrated with thousands of HBCU graduates who received their degrees virtually during this pandemic. And the celebrating doesn’t end there, HBCU graduates and business owners, Joshua Green (FAMU) and Sam Adetunji, (The Virginia Commonwealth University) co-CEO’s of Veriheal, a telemedicine platform that connects cannabis patients to cannabis doctors, understands the importance of giving back to the communities that have helped get them to where they are. Founded in 2017, Veriheal has grown from being a startup to successfully helping over 100k patients and counting. Believing that cannabis can heal the masses, the company has also just recently launched its Innovation in Cannabis Scholarship, aimed to add at least some relief to students and their families in need during these times. Dedicated to cannabis research and cultivation, the Innovation in Cannabis Scholarship application can be found on the official Veriheal website.

“My hope is that everyone can try cannabis for themselves as medicine, free from persecution or misinformation. Cannabis is a plant that helps heal people, and should not be viewed as a drug that damages people,” says Josh Green, co-CEO, co-Founder.

He added, “There’s so much potential with mixing science and medicine for cannabis that we can perhaps find so many natural remedies for healthier living. So, our goal with Veriheal is to remove the stigma so that everyone can freely have safe access to cannabis. We’re currently working on expanding our reach to as many cities as we can so that we can help spread the mission of enhanced healing, and promote happy living.” 




Featured Image courtesy of Veriheal