From an unassuming white Prada tank top to Rihanna’s Chanel pink puffer jacket, 2022 has seen its fair share of iconic fashion moments. 

To round up the year in fashion, experts at Larizia have looked at online trends data to highlight which brands have made the strongest impression this year – and which celebrities and viral fashion moments have had the biggest impact. 

The top five fashion moments from 2022’s biggest brands are: 

1.    Chanel – Rihanna’s pink puffer pregnancy reveal  


Image credit: @hautelemode 

With over 45 million hashtags, Chanel easily takes the top spot for Instagram’s most influential brand and the ‘it’ designer of 2022. The brand enjoyed a viral moment courtesy of Rihanna in February, when the star stepped out in a vintage 1996 Chanel puffer jacket to showcase her pregnancy bump. Searches for ‘Chanel puffer’ quickly doubled as the news flooded headlines and fashionistas rushed to mimic the look, with the vintage piece reselling on online marketplaces for as high as $22,000! 

2.    Gucci – Jessica Chastain’s Oscar ‘Best Actress’ dress  


Image credit: @jessicachastain 

While just missing out on the top spot, Gucci came in a close second on the list with an impressive 45 million tagged posts on Instagram. The brand was also the second most searched for of 2022, with 370,000 searches each month.  

Gucci made a huge impact during the Oscars when they collaborated with Jessica Chastain, who won her Best Actress award while wearing a custom gold and lilac sequin dress from the brand. Searches for ‘Jessica Chastain dress’ skyrocketed by over 100% after the awards, as viewers flocked to the internet to find out who she was wearing.  

3.    Dior – Travis Scott’s Cactus Jack X Dior Collab 


Image credit: @cactusjack 

With over 32 million hashtags, Dior can be found all over Instagram. The luxury brand is searched for on Google 247,000 times every month, and the fashion house is consistently hailed as one of the best around.  

The brand hit the headlines in summer 2022 when its long-awaited collaboration with Travis Scott was released. The hashtag #TravisScottDior had over 444k views on TikTok as Gen Z-ers rushed to discuss the news, with searches for ‘Travis Scott’ also increasing by 98% when the Dior collaboration was released.  

4.    Louis Vuitton – Timothée Chalamet’s iconic Oscar’s blazer 


Image credit: @usatodaylife 

With over 25 million tagged posts on Instagram, Louis Vuitton has more than earned its place as one of the most influential brands this year. Louis Vuitton is also searched for a huge 638k times every month, making it the most Googled brand on the list.  

The brand experienced a viral moment following the 2022 Oscars, when actor and fashion icon Timothée Chalamet stepped out in a statement, sparkly custom Louis Vuitton blazer. The viral moment led to a 40% increase in searches for ‘Louis Vuitton suit’, as men and women worldwide looked to mimic the legendary look.  

5.    Prada – The £800 tank top 


Image credit: @flannels 

One surprising iconic moment of 2022 goes to a huge brand with a subtle piece; Prada and its now-famous £800 tank top. Prada currently has almost 24 million tagged photos on Instagram and 122,000 searches each month. 

Tank tops have seen a huge resurgence this year, spotted on models and celebrities, including Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid – and Prada is leading the trend. The humble tank top in question was showcased as part of the Fall/Winter 2022 collection, and searches for ‘Prada white tank top’ then saw an immense 500% increase.   

As well as the top fashion moments, Larizia also looked into which brands have had the biggest increase in search interest this year. The five fashion brands that have experienced the biggest growth in popularity in 2022 are: 

1.    Stella McCartney – 45% increase 

2.    Marc Jacobs – 17% increase 

3.    Vivienne Westwood –16% increase 

4.    Michael Kors – 13% increase 

5.    Valentino – 10% increase 

Claire Breslin, Buying & Commercial Director at Larizia, commented: 

“We’re fascinated by luxury brands and the trends we see both online and in the wider press. While famous fashion houses have made a name for themselves through years of iconic styles, a viral fashion moment can have a huge impact in this modern age. A celebrity being spotted in a piece can do more for a brand than huge, expensive marketing campaigns, as we’ve seen evidenced by huge search increases for items after being worn by the stars.”