Loren is going even further by turning that Friday the 13th into the luckiest start of the year for those seeking change and ownership. Loren says, “It’s a great time to start getting serious about our money – or lack thereof.”

As a real estate agent, Loren has sold over 94 homes ($20M+) this year alone to date. The national average of homes a real estate agent is typically able to sell is about 7. To top that, Loren has also partnered with celebrities such as Rapper Akbar V, to assist in their journey to credit repair and smart spending.


Who is Loren Entsuah outside of your bio? 

Loren Entsuah outside of the bio is a man who is finding his way. A man who is relentless, God-fearing, dedicated and self-driven to be the best he can be. Every day is equipped with challenges, but I use my resources to my advantage to be all I can be while giving back to others.

I think my entire life is based around helping others and the fulfillment from that keeps me fed in every aspect of my life. In regard to business, I’m helping someone improve their financial status rather it’s through credit restoration to improve approval odds or in regard to real estate. Everyone needs a clean and safe place to live. 


What was your motivation to write Appraised Value?

My motivation to write Appraised Value was simply to raise awareness. I think people have been suppressed for so long in regard to financial literacy that it has been long overdue. I wanted to spread awareness, share my story, trials, and tribulations, as well as educate anybody who would be willing to listen. I have many components in the book that will allow you to stay engaged because I have markers throughout the chapters that will allow you to track your progress with the content of the book. Anyone can write a book that you read once, but one that you pick up daily is a great book. Think of it as a financial bible.

What led you to get started in real estate and become a credit specialist? 

My real estate career was created due to my old middle school English teacher, Reginald Olds. He had been one of the teachers for about 6+ plus years. He would always say you should get into real estate because you’d be good at it. Once I finally bought into the blessing, he was trying to give me the rest was history. 4 years later and I sold well over 20 million in volume. 

As far as getting started with credit restoration. This completely started with wanting to obtain some of the finer things in life. Just like a lot of my current and future clients. After a disappointing experience in trying to have my credit restored by a company, I decided to do some due diligence and I began to improve my own score with tactics and methods I researched. I found knowledge through a few courses and then I became board certified. Once I found my expertise with that, I helped improve my immediate family’s scores and that transitioned to over 4,000 clients the current day. I truly believe the greatest advantage I had with this was grace and patience. 


What are some tips to maintain or gain better credit?

The best tip to maintain or establish good credit is to simply learn what credit is. There are so many components that go into a credit score. Learn what those are, such as payment history, credit mix, and inquiries, and how those affect your score, credit card utilization, and debt-to-income ratios. Master the basics and then you can truly see how deep it can go. Know your cash flow and income, never live beyond your means, and pay your bills on time. Once you’ve mastered the small things the larger ones get easier. Take your time and understand it’s a process. If you have poor credit, remember it didn’t take 1 week to mess it up and it will take longer than 1 week to reverse the damage that was done. Take your time and do the right thing over and over. Credit is a long game and if done right it will take care of you for a long time.


What advice would you give to someone interested in getting into real estate, but having second thoughts?

My best advice for somebody looking to get into real estate is to simply do it. There will always be a need for real estate agents because we will always need a place to live. The effort you display into your craft will determine how fruitful it will be for you. I love that because it keeps me driving daily. If you can change your mindset to adapt to that then you will master and kill it. Just remember to build your sphere of influence and the rest will be history. 


What do you hope our readers gain from this interview? 

I hope that my readers for this interview will gain an adapted mindset. I hope that they will truly understand that any thought you can have is a reality if you take the necessary steps. Ask questions, don’t be afraid, make mistakes, cry, laugh do whatever you need to do but just be you and go hard with whatever you decide. Greatness is only a day away!


What are you looking forward to most in 2023? 

I’m looking forward to the most in 2023 getting more into the philanthropic side of things: I have a true fulfillment when I give back and help others so that’s what I will dedicate a lot of time to. I’ve learned how to profit from my business and others may not have but I know the lord has blessed me with plenty and some, so I want to get more into giving back.

Traveling and making memories with my family as well.


Photo Credits: Loren Entsuah