Whether you’ve already stored all your favorite podcasts in your app of choice, are ready for listening, or are new to the world of podcasts, there’s no denying their popularity. 

Podcasts are everywhere these days and have become some of the most beloved entertainment and education mediums worldwide. Whatever you’re into, from music and films to sex to world news and politics or true crime, there is plenty of specialized interest shows to choose from in this podcast era.

With so many podcasts available, there’s no way that you can listen to all of them. To help you out, no matter your interests, we’ve gathered three shows to turn you on to your next great listen.

1. Bangin’ with Chloe Veitch- Chloe Veitch (Too Hot to Handle, The Circle) created the ultimate sex and dating talk show! Each week, Chloe interviews her favorite celebrity guests, and no topic is too much or too hot to handle. You can trust Chloe to ask the questions on everyone’s minds.

2. The Wayne Ayers Podcast- Wayne Ayers created his self-titled podcast to shed a spotlight on individuals in the film industry. 

Some notable guest on the podcast consists of Brec Bassinger, Daisy Ridley, Coco Jones, Skylar Stecker, Diamond White, Alix Lapri, Brittany O’Grady, and Lesley-Ann Brandt.

The podcast got featured in Yahoo News, AP News, Deadline, TV Line, US WEEKLY, Collider, and Screen Rant. It has also reached #1 in over 50 countries under the film interviews categories.

3. Show Some Love podcast hosted by Tallie Spencer. She invites guests to discuss love, relationships, and dating as it pertains to being a career-oriented individual in entertainment and/or media. Whether single, dating or in a committed relationship, our audience includes career-oriented individuals who are interested in hearing new takes on relationships and dating from different perspectives — specifically from within the entertainment world.

Make sure to check out these three podcast episodes next year.