In all of life’s chaos, it’s easy to lose touch with your sense of harmony. This is especially true during the changing seasons when routines shift, and certain habits can fall by the wayside. Fortunately, if you’ve lost harmony in your life, you can absolutely get it back! It all comes down to following three simple principles: community, balance, and intention.

These principles should be paired with larger lifestyle habits in order for you to build an existence for yourself that is full of peace and harmony. The result will look like added serenity and joy in your life!

The steps you want to take include prioritizing time with friends and loved ones, prioritizing your health and wellness, and prioritizing your sense of self. It’s time to make a few simple changes that will have a widespread effect on creating a harmonious life!

Community: Schedule Time With Friends

When we’re busy or stressed, community is usually one of the first things we let go of, as we think that we’ll lean into it again later. More often than not, life gets in the way of good intentions, and we distance ourselves from those who can support us during times of chaos.

Isolation and loneliness can quickly set in, which has damaging effects on physical and mental health. The truth about community as a principle is that it takes work; you must consistently reach out to others, make plans, and show up to spend time with those you love.

If you can schedule community into your days, weeks, and months, your life will be much richer—and research proves it! Choose what frequency of time with friends and loved ones work best for you and how you prefer to connect with others, then make plans in advance before your schedule fills up.

For instance, you might aim for one coffee date with a loved one each week or three social dinners with friends per month. Here are additional ways you can enjoy the principle of community:

Eat Meals Together at Luna Grill

The simple act of sharing a meal can be incredibly bonding. If you eat with friends you don’t know very well, you can always use the food and drinks as conversation starters to diffuse any awkwardness, and when you eat with your closest pals, you know you can share off each other’s plates and order off the menu for the table. If you want a fresh and healthy meal, you can choose from Luna Grill’s many delicious options.

Attend Events Together With Help From TickPick

Another enjoyable way to spend time with your close community is to attend an event together. Nothing bonds people like collective excitement over a competitive event.

Whether you go with best friends or new acquaintances, attending events together gives you time to catch up and time to enjoy the entertainment you love. For affordable tickets to many events, including Formula 1 tickets, head over to TickPick.

Rock the Bells Makes Quality Memories That Last

No matter what you do with the people in your community, spending time together ensures you’ll make lasting memories. Your job is simply to ensure they’re positive by finding fun activities you can do together.

From taking classes to attending concerts to walking around your city, there are many fun ways to spend time with others. If you worry that some fun activities are for a different crowd, don’t fear! If you want to attend a concert, just make sure you brush up on your slang beforehand with Rock the Bells, such as refreshing on lingo like GOAT meaning.

Keeping up with culture can help you get closer to the people you love!

Balance: Make Time for Yourself

The principle of balance is also imperative for a harmonious life. Balance applies to all areas of lifestyle, such as balance in diet (not eating only “good” healthy foods or “bad” processed foods but allowing yourself room for both) and work-life balance. Another type of balance you should focus on is the balance between the important, necessary life tasks and those that are arguably less “important” but still enjoyable.

For example, you know that there are things you need to accomplish with frequency, like working, cleaning, saving money, running errands, and perhaps taking care of others. These acts are responsible and necessary.

Still, some elements bring enjoyment and excitement that you might hear referred to as direct opposites. While these may sometimes counteract the practical tasks, they can often be added to your life without disturbing your responsibilities. Sometimes, it’s good to engage with the more enjoyable undertakings to have balance.

Here are some ways you can live this out today:

Treat Yourself With Daniel’s Jewelers

As long as you can spread your money between necessary expenses, savings for emergencies, and funds for daily needs, part of having balance in life is treating yourself every once in a while.

Rather than making impulse purchases, it’s nice to have a goal in mind — like a vacation, a new car, or a stunning piece from Daniel’s Jewelers — and put aside savings towards it so that your daily needs never go unmet.

Mad Rabbit Tattoo Lets You Have Some Fun

There are likely experiences you’ve always wanted to do but have put off actually doing, maybe because of fear, cost, time, or not feeling like it’s a priority. Although there are likely other more important things to focus on in your life (and there probably always will be), the principle of balance comes into play in this case, too.

You have plenty of necessary tasks to focus on during your days, but you are allowed to give yourself space to do something just for you. Even if it seems silly or insignificant, if it’s something you’ve been wanting to try, there can be positive effects from letting yourself go for it!

For example, maybe you’ve been wanting to get a tattoo, whether it’s your first or another added to the collection. You might need to work up to getting a tattoo for a while, like saving money or planning a trip to visit a tattoo artist you trust, but this creates a goal that you begin to look forward to achieving.

The overall positive result of allowing yourself to get the tattoo you’ve been thinking about is a boosted sense of self because bodily self-expression can seriously promote confidence! This also lends to the feeling of balance—you’ve proven to yourself that there’s room for both responsibility and fun in your life, and neither is falling to the wayside when you focus on the other for a while. (Just make sure you follow tattoo aftercare, as Mad Rabbit Tattoo outlines.)

Regardless of what that dream is for you, let yourself have it.

Ubisoft Makes It Easy To Learn a New Skill or Hobby

You may think of hobbies as a relic from your past, but keeping up with hobbies and skills you enjoy as an adult can be incredibly enriching! Not only will they make you more interesting and well-rounded as a person (a fun perk!), but they can also provide a creative outlet, be stress-relieving, and help you get in shape.

Depending on what your interests are, there are many options for how you can spend some of your free time. We recommend that you get into a creative hobby if you’re not sure where to start because there are many cognitive benefits of creativity!

Creative hobbies often require little supplies, too. If you’re going to focus on music, for instance, you don’t need more than an instrument and Ubisoft’s Rocksmith+ guitar tuner.

Intention: Focus on Your Wellness and Needs

Being intentional about your health is another part of finding harmony in your life. When you feel good physically and mentally, you can improve (and thrive!) in all areas.

Think of how much not getting enough sleep at night affects your days: you’re groggy, low on energy, unfocused, and can’t enjoy plans. The same is true with your ability to live life when you haven’t been prioritizing your health. Everything is going to feel harder and less enjoyable, assuming your body doesn’t completely prevent you from maintaining your normal routine.

Here are ways you can take care of your body with intention, so your health and wellness are harmonious:

Let Dr. Kellyann Check in With Your Body

How often do you check in with your body, how it’s doing and feeling? We often take for granted the daily grind we put our bodies through, which is why illnesses like colds and flus can catch us off guard when they force us to slow down and relax.

Take some time to check in with your body as part of your routine, and make any adjustments it needs, like more rest, less stress, and better eating. You can really fuel your body by occasionally following a cleanse as Dr. Kellyann’s renowned 5 day cleanse. After a quick reset, your body will be recharged and ready to carry on with the grind.

Consciously Protect Yourself in Style With Stoggles

Part of being intentional with your wellness is staying on top of any health concerns that could arise in order to prevent getting caught off guard. Any measures you can take to consciously understand how you’re doing will help you maintain harmony in your life.

Some important steps to take include completing regular breast self-exams, staying up to date on doctor’s appointments, taking vitamins and nutrients, stretching to prevent pulled and sore muscles, and caring for your eyes at work with prescription safety glasses from Stoggles.

Being well-informed can’t prevent all illnesses, but it can sometimes catch issues before they inflate.

Hatch Appreciates Your Body for All It Does

The idea of loving your body is really hard for some people, and perhaps that isn’t a goal that should be on everyone’s to-do list. Having confidence in your body often comes down to what it looks like, and due to strict but ever-changing societal beauty standards, this task may feel unattainable. However, feeling confident about your body isn’t something you need to achieve—it’s actually all about appreciating your body.

Finding gratitude for your body becomes a lot easier if you can look past its appearance, its habitual sensitivities and irritations, and its shortcomings. Instead, try to see it purely as the vessel that keeps you alive. While you may not experience perfect health, try to be thankful for the health that you can recognize. There are most likely many areas of your wellness that you can find gratitude for.

Part of appreciating your body is caring for it the best you can, such as fueling it with nutritious food, getting regular activity, and turning away from harmful intakes like a poor diet or too much screen time.

Another part of appreciating your body is seeing it as it is and finding acceptance for that version of yourself. While you’re experiencing illness or health complications, stay on the path toward gratitude by remembering that bodies go through different seasons.

If you’re currently pregnant or recently gave birth, value your body in this time by providing yourself with quality items to support you, such as Hatch’s ultra-comfortable pumping bra. If your body craves extra rest right now, lean into whatever you need during this season.

You’re on Your Way To Renewed Harmony

Having harmony in your life is important if you want to stay grounded even during chaos and uncertainty. Three simple principles that are key in this process are community, balance, and intention. When you build a life around these three fundamentals, you’ll always find your way back to peace