There’s a reason we are our best, most relaxed selves when we are in our homes. According to a study by the University of Minnesota, we all actively seek an environment with attributes such as safety and security. Factors like temperature, familiarity, stimulus, and your overall psychological comfort play huge roles in boosting your comfort levels.

If you know that you need to spend a significant amount of time recovering at home, perhaps from a surgery or stressful life event, you should evaluate the physical comfort of your home. Ultimately, what is “cozy” to you is the right direction. Here are four essential tips for preparing your environment for restorative and comfortable recovery care.

1. A Happy Dog and a Happy You With Veritas Farms

When planning for a short or long-term recovery, it’s important to remember that our everyday tasks and responsibilities don’t stop just because we do. If you have pets at home, they play a huge factor in your overall mental and physical well-being. In order for us to be able to relax and recover, we cannot be worried about our pets. You should consider having a full spectrum CBD oil for dogs from Veritas Farms on hand when you’re recovering at home.

Having your dog stay close to you during your recovery process has tremendous health benefits for you. However, if your pet is experiencing a health condition, you are going to experience unnecessary restlessness as well. No one enjoys watching their beloved pup suffer from hip or joint discomfort. Thankfully, general discomfort can be eased with CBD oil that’s been specially formulated for dogs.

Another huge relief for your furry family member is a sense of calm during thunderstorms or fireworks displays. Those sounds can be stressful for humans, too. If you are incapacitated and recovering, a relaxed and happy pet will make a stormy day more tolerable.

Finally, don’t forget that your pet will sense that you aren’t feeling 100% yourself, and they will want to make you feel better. They may not be able to lay on your lap if you’ve had surgery. If you’re not able to take that run in the park, they may miss that, too.

Giving your dog a full spectrum CBD oil can help with their separation stress until you’ve completely recovered.

2.Find a Magic Carpet With Tumble

When thinking about essential items to aid your restorative recovery environment, you may not be thinking about the rugs in your house … but perhaps you should be. Your home is your comfort zone, and keeping it clean is always important.

When laid up, keeping up with housework is more than a chore — it can be almost impossible. Consider washable rugs from Tumble a must-have essential to complete your relaxing environment.

There are plenty of benefits to adding rugs to your home. Typically, floors that are hardwood, laminate, tile, or any other non-carpeted surface need a designer rug to add a touch of coziness. Rugs, especially washable ones, do more than add to the décor, they are extremely practical and can make a recovery environment more relaxing and safer.

Non-carpeted floors get slippery, especially at entrances to the home with the most foot traffic. There is also no way to keep the outdoor elements at bay, there is always water, mud, leaves, and anything else you or your pets can drag inside.

Adding a washable rug is going to prevent slips and falls. This is especially important if you are recovering from a physical ailment. Not only will a washable rug keep you from injuring yourself, but it will also make much needed clean-up easier.

Washable rugs don’t have to look efficient and safe, they can look beautiful, too. A rug can really bring together the colors of a room. They are also efficient at defining space or providing a focal point.

Bring together the colors of your walls and curtains to the floor and create a warm and inviting space where you can relax. Being able to throw a dirty rug right in your own washing machine is useful, too.

3. Got ZGallerie Pillows?

In addition to magic carpets, designer pillows from ZGallerie are also an essential comfort item for a restorative environment. Pillows add a plush accent to an overall room design. Incorporate a punch of color, a radical pattern, or texture to really express your personality and style. Pillows are more than just pretty items we throw on the couch — they’re a functional piece that can make your recovery that much better.

What if you could choose a pillow for more than just its look? Modern, designer pillows can be custom built from scratch. Choose your material, filling, size, and even depth of your pillows. With customization, the sky is the limit for pillow options for every room in your home.

A well designed, customized pillow can make all the difference for your back comfort when sitting on a couch. Let’s face it: You don’t always spend all your time propped up in bed (although we will explore that in the next section).

When you are stuck recovering in your house all day, you will want to change rooms and views as much as you can while remaining comfortable. Having a supportive throw pillow for your couch is going to help a lot. Most couches are not comfortable for long-term sitting, and sometimes they can even be too comfortable.

Have you ever had trouble getting up from a really squishy couch? That situation can be difficult if you have a bad back or have recently had surgery. Getting up and down from a seated position can make you more prone to injury.

You don’t want to sink down into your couch. Supportive pillows can make all the difference and keep you from slowing down your recovery.

4. Lay Up in a Transfer Master Hospital Bed

If you have ever spent time at home recovering from illness or surgery, you know what it’s like to feel stuck in bed. It is a difficult situation, even for friends and family assisting you during the healing process. A Transfer Master hospital bed at home may be a brilliant solution to create a comfortable recovery environment for everyone involved.

Here’s a cool thought: What if you could have the convenience of a hospital bed, but it looked (and felt) like a regular bed? Many people have the need for a bed that meets their medical or physical needs 24/7, and not just during a recovery period. There are countless advantages to having a hospital bed at home that looks beautiful, too.

A hospital bed can be raised or lowered to assist with loading/unloading, especially if going from a bed to a wheelchair. Someone using crutches will benefit from a raised position for entering and exiting the bed. The ability to also prop up your legs or support you in a seated position (or both) are also what makes the hospital bed a huge asset in recovery.

With the press of a button, the hospital bed user can have their independence back and adjust their position to be at their most ack and adjust their position to be at their most optimal comfort. Moreso, anyone assisting their loved one or friend will find it much easier to do so with the flexibility of a hospital versus traditional bed.

Because they have been designed to look just like a regular bed you can feel like your most normal self.

Final Thoughts

Your family, friends, and pets will always remain your biggest source of comfort and assistance during your quest to create an optimal environment. It is amazing how small, seemingly insignificant items like doggie comfort, rugs, pillows, and a bed can make all the difference by adding them to your immediate surroundings.

Anything that brightens your spirit or eases the physical burden on you, or your loved ones, should always be considered essential. Helping your most devoted pet feel their best will also put your mind at ease. Eliminating the chore of having to clean the mess that’s left without a washable rug is worth doing in any environment.

Also, never discount the value of non-bed pillows in areas that you rest outside of the bedroom. As always, your bed should be the most comfortable and flexible item in your home as it’s where you spend most of your time.

While there is no magic list of essentials to ensuring an effective restorative and comfortable environment, these four items may be a good place to start. Remember the overall takeaway: The best environment is the one in which you feel the most secure and comfortable.