You and your partner have been married for a number of years, and you want to reaffirm the love that you have for each other by renewing your vows. Vow renewals are a great way to celebrate your enduring love with close friends and family members, especially those who couldn’t attend your initial wedding. Additionally, vow renewals give you the opportunity to have the wedding celebration you might not have been able to afford during your first vow exchange. You might also want to do a vow renewal to celebrate a big relationship milestone and make your anniversary even more special. Whatever the case, vow renewals are an incredible way to celebrate the love that you and your partner continue to share.

Vow Renewal Essentials

When planning a vow renewal, you’ll want to have these essentials at the ready: 

Rings to Reaffirm Your Commitment

Vow renewals are a great chance to upgrade your current rings or get new engagement rings for one another. You could always exchange your existing rings during your vow renewal ceremony, but it’s nice to have a pair of new engagement rings that you can share with each other to signify this new chapter of your union. When looking for vow renewal engagement rings, you’ll want to consider you and your partner’s personal styles. You might want to select the rings together; unlike traditional engagement rings, which are kept a surprise until the proposal, you can let your partner in on the ring selection this time around. Many people choose sparkly pavé diamond ring bands for the vow renewal engagement rings. However, there are plenty of simpler options to choose from, like a solitaire ring with a single diamond in a shape of your choosing. 

A Sentimental Location

You’ll want to find a location for your vow renewal that sparks a feeling of sentimentality for your relationship. Many couples choose to host their vow renewals in their backyards or at the home of a close family member or friend. Another popular location for vow renewals is by the beach, where you and your guests get to bask in love and gorgeous views. When choosing a vow renewal location, the most important thing is finding a place where you and your partner will feel most comfortable, so you can focus all your energy on enjoying the moment.

A Short and Sweet Guest List

While you could throw a huge party for your vow renewal, vow renewal ceremonies tend to be on the smaller side (about 50 guests or fewer). However, if you happened to have a smaller wedding the first time around, you might want to make your vow renewal a much larger affair. Whichever style of vow renewal that you choose, whether it be an intimate or large affair, you’ll want to nail down your guest list and send out invitations months prior to the event, just like you would for a wedding. 

Reasons to Renew Your Vows

Couples may decide to renew their vows for a wide variety of reasons. Some of the most popular include: 

A Wedding Do-Over

In some cases, couples will renew their vows to get the wedding they’ve always wanted. Maybe they initially got married in a small courthouse ceremony and couldn’t afford a large celebration with others at the time. Alternatively, a couple could have had a large, extravagant wedding and want their vow renewal to be an intimate ceremony that’s just for them. 

Including New Family Members

Sometimes, a couple will want to renew their vows in order to include their children who were born after their wedding. Vow renewals are also an opportunity to include family members who were unable to attend the couple’s initial wedding. 

Celebrating a Relationship Milestone

Many couples renew their vows when reaching a milestone anniversary, such as their 10th, 25th, or 50th year of marriage. Being in love after all that time deserves celebration! 

Getting Over a Rough Patch

Sometimes, couple’s will struggle with a rough patch, where it might look like the end of their relationship is near. But, against all odds, they pull through and decide to reaffirm their commitment to each other with a vow renewal ceremony. Vow renewals are a testament to the strength of the bond between a couple, no matter what obstacles come their way. 


Vow renewal ceremonies are a fantastic way to reaffirm your enduring commitment to your spouse. You might choose to renew your vows to get a redo on your wedding, include new family members, celebrate a big anniversary, or celebrate your love for one another after getting through a rough patch. Whatever the reason, vow renewals are a beautiful way to show your partner and the people you hold dear just how deep your love runs. What do you think the most important part of a vow renewal ceremony is?